Monday, October 7, 2013

New house, new beginnings

Since my last post (in April!!), Nolan & Luke have turned 4.  We sold our house in Philly (in 3 days) and bought a new house.

Justin & I bought our home in Philly in 2006 - about 6 months after our wedding.  Our intentions were to live there for 5 years before we'd start a family and move to the burbs.  We all know how the "5 year plan" goes:  it doesn't.

I remember Justin saying to me last year, "Jenn, this is going to be our last Christmas in this house."  I honestly didn't believe him we are!  In the burbs with a cute split-level, nestled on a half acre on a cul de sac.  The boys have plenty of space to run around and I have the "quiet" that I've been craving.  Moving was an "adventure" that I have no intentions to ever do again.  I may end up eating my words 10 years down the road but that was a production that I don't wish to go through again any time soon. 

The boys are in Pre-K and doing very well.  There are some issues with them not wanting to pick up after themselves, but it's something we're working on.  Overall though, they are both able to write their names, can count to over 20 and know all their letters and shapes. 

Before we moved, I promised the boys that they could get bunk beds once they got their new room.  Daddy built the bunk beds this past weekend.  Luke sleeps up top and Nolan is down below.  They do seem to really love their new Super Hero Squad bedroom!  Since we had intended to move, I never updated their bedroom decor in the Philly house to a more "big boy" style.  The divorce tree and their nursery decor sat on the walls until they were 4 years old! 

Summer vacation - OCNJ 2013

I Craigslisted 2 Power Wheels once we got a new backyard.  The Hummer is their fave.
Also, Colin is their BFF. 

Here's Justin and I on the day we made settlement at the new pad.

 I didn't ask them to pose like this but it's one of my favorite shots from the summer.



melissa78 said...

Finally an update!! :)
Just an FYI the Eric and I are busy on your next moving day.

CJ said...

So Glad things are going SOOO WELL for you! Bunk Beds! WOW!! :)

Kelley said...

Love it! We moved in June as well... What an adventure!

Kelley said...

Love it! We moved in June as well... What an adventure!

Kelley said...

Love it! We moved in June as well... What an adventure!