Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hello Everyone!

Hello Everyone,

Thanks for your sweet comments - it's good to know that some of my old friends still check in!

I'm going to take the time to write about myself a little bit.  As I've mentioned several times on this blog in the past, I have never been big on exercising.  I've always done it sort of sporatically at home but last summer, I was in a bit of a funk about my body so I began walking (for cardio) which quickly turned into running.  The problem was that I hate running on a treadmill, so I began trail running at a local park. 
Well, I fell in love with it.  Until December came.
I'm just not into freezing my ass off and feeling icy cold sting my lungs.
However, I loved the way I felt when I ran.  I loved the effect it had on my body.  I loved the way I completely cleared my mind and concentrated on nothing but my breathing and the way my body was moving.  The weather has finally began warming up here which has led me to begin my runs again. Obviously, I wasn't able to run as fast or as long as I did when I left off in December, but I'm taking baby steps.  Since I don't have a ton of free time (with working and being a mom and all), I try to limit my runs to 35 minutes.  A few times a week makes a HUGE different in my body.  Everything just seems to tighten up and I feel so much more energized!  I have a few personal goals that I'd like to meet before June so we'll see how I do!

Now onto me and my "daughter," Nikki (which is what I named my Nikon).  I've been photographing people OTHER than my own children for a year and a half and I have to say - I enjoy it so much!!  It really is so fulfilling to me and I love making families happy with the pictures that I take.  This is a particularly busy spring for me with family sessions and two weddings which I'm really looking forward to!

Justin and I are planning to meet up with our friends in Vegas in July again this summer which I'm really looking forward to.  I love alone time with him!  I've also just booked a house in Ocean City, New Jersey for a week in August for the family.  I've been hyping the beach up to the boys for a month now.  Sometimes Luke likes to be carried when he's tired so I've been telling him that he has to practice his sleepy-walking for when we go to the beach because mommy can't carry him plus sand toys and everything else that comes along on a beach day!

I've jabbered on enough for a while now.  I'll leave with some pictures from Easter.
More to come on another day! 

Easter collageusus1


Kelly said...

Your boys are getting SO big! Your family is adorable as always! You look amazing mama!