Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sesame Place, day care & potty training

Potty training updates:

Nolan is my new potty training rockstar.  He barely has any accidents and has been waking up from naps & night time completely dry.  Luke has regressed a bit, but it's understandable.  We're all still new at this!  No looking back though -- I'm through with diapers.  I think that Nolan really liked the attention he was getting every time he went potty, so it was very encouraging to him to keep doing it.  He's doing great!

I visited a daycare center not too far from my home that I'm thinking of having the boys join this September for the 3 days that I'm at work.  This center has Pre-K built into its program from 9:30 - 11 every day which I love.  I couldn't just put them into Pre-K because it's too difficult with mine and Justin's work schedule, so this seemed like the best fit.

We've visited Sesame Place twice so far this season and one thing that changed from last year was the Nolan's excitement for the water rides.  He BEGGED me to go down a water slide, but the water is freezing and I didn't bring bathing suits.  Instead I let them wander under a sprinkler and play in the wading pool a bit.  Justin and I have off of work on their birthday (coming up in a week and a half!!) and plan to spend the entire day with them riding water slides.  Day-2 Day-4 Day-5 Day-6 Day-12 Day-18 Day-21

Oh, another thing that changed from last year...


...they weren't able to climb this, but now they can!

Day-24 Day-29 Day-34

This water was ICE cold and he wanted nothing more than for me to run through it with him. How could I not?


And now for some cell phone pictures!

sesame sesame1 sesame2sesame3 sesa,e4 sesame5