Monday, June 4, 2012

Mountain House

We are starting a Memorial Day Weekend tradition by heading up to the mountain house to celebrate the long weekend. We had fun doing it last year, but I knew that this one would be even better because Nolan and Luke love exploring and there is no shortage of exciting things for little boys to get into at the mountain house.

I also planned to devote the entire weekend to potty training the boys. We have absolute privacy up there (can’t see a neighbor), so I felt comfortable letting them run around the yard in their underwear or nude. Good thing too because they spent about 90% of the weekend pants-less. The 3 days we spent devoting to training my little men worked in our favor! Luke is doing fabulously and will tell me when he has to go to the potty now (he even told me at Sesame Place this past weekend and peed in the urinal!). Doing #2 is a different story, but he’s always had issues with that. Nolan is improving more and more every day. He doesn’t tell me that he has to go, but I read his signals. We’re having 80% success with that, but like I said, we’re getting better every day.

The first thing we did once we arrived was set up the tents. Justin & and I shared the blue one and Aunt Chica & Uncle Eric shared the other. Nolan and Luke were to spend the nights in the house with the rest of the family, but they did get a kick out of helping Justin & Eric assemble the tents.

Every night, a different family member cooks dinner for everyone else. Justin and I cooked the first night. We made a bushel of crabs, corn on the cob and salad. YUM! Nolan couldn’t get the crabs into his mouth fast enough!

DSC_0284 DSC_0279 DSC_0287

Since the boys didn’t nap that day, they went to sleep around 8:30 and missed out on the campfire, but we had a nice time sitting around, talking and drinking. The following morning, Justin and I woke early then walked to the house to find Grammie awake with a coffee in hand sitting with Nolan. Luke was still out cold.


After a delicious breakfast by Pop, we went down to the river to do a little bit of fishing!

DSC_0335 DSC_0336 DSC_0338 DSC_0340 DSC_0342 DSC_0343 DSC_0355 DSC_0375

The boys loved wading in the river with us. They have zero fear when it comes to water! Dinner that night was ribs and steak, followed by roasting marshmallows on the fire. This was the highlight of the boys’ day! We played some fun music, danced around the fire and had a BLAST! They went to sleep around 10 that night and slept beautifully!

DSC_0419 DSC_0440 DSC_0466 DSC_0474 DSC_0486

On Sunday morning, Chica & I joined my parents & Uncle Ed & Aunt Kathy at the flea market where I bought two hobnail dishes and an old fashioned suitcase for my photography sessions. While we were fleamarketing, Justin & Eric took the boys to the river to fish again. When we all arrived back home, it was quite hot and everyone went kayaking & canoeing while Chica & I stayed home with the boys while they napped (we napped too!). When everyone got back, it was our turn. Chica & I went kayaking & Justin & Eric took the canoe. The boys stayed behind with Grammie & Pop. We had a boating fiasco that we’ll never forget, but ultimately, we did have fun!!

DSC_0524 DSC_0527 DSC_0531 DSC_0534 DSC_0541 DSC_0543

Uncle Eddie cooked dinner that night – the best jambalaya I ever had!


On Monday, we woke early, had a delicious breakfast then drove home. When we got home, we discovered that Justin’s car had been hit while sitting on the street and our washing machine broke. So, not the homecoming we wanted, but we’ll deal. Since we needed to buy a new washer, we ordered a new dryer as well. They both arrive tomorrow and I’m looking forward to it. We took the opportunity to get ourselves a front-loading washer & dryer. Things have been going well – busy but well!


Kelly said...

Love the pictures you got! Priceless! Those crabs looks delicious! I love camping and so do my in the outdoors!