Tuesday, June 12, 2012


When our friends Tom and Erin asked if we wanted to join them in Baltimore to watch the Phillies play the Orioles, we jumped at the chance. Justin and I hadn't been to Baltimore since 1999 (we've obviously been together for a VERY long time) and were excited to see a game.

Nolan and Luke spent the long weekend and Grammie & Pop's house while Justin and I drove with Chica & Eric down to Baltimore. The first night we arrived, we took the train into the Inner Harbor and had dinner at Hooters. You read that correctly: we didn't have crab cakes or seafood, but opted for chicken wings, beer (and a cosmo for me) and boobies instead.

A guy waiting for the train with us (another Phillies fan) came up to me and said, "hey, I know you. You get on the train back home in __(my station) and you get off at __(my work station)."

Ummm...creepy. His friends poked fun at him a bit and called him a stalker, but I tried to be a little more forgiving.


When we arrived at the stadium for the game, I could.not.believe how many Phillies fans had traveled down to watch them play the Orioles. It was incredible!


Aren't my girlfriends cutie-pies?!


We didn't have the most amazing seats in the world, but we were in the shade and we had awesome friends to sit with!


Did I mention that it was 92 degrees this day? It was HOT!! The heat didn't stop Justin and I from eating bacon on a stick.

BACON ON A STICK. 'nuff said.

 bacon phils5

On Sunday morning, we packed our bags, said goodbye to Tom and Erin and hung out at the Inner Harbor for a few hours before heading back home to see our munchkins.

 phils6 phils3

If it weren't for our incredible families, we'd never be able to take getaways like this and I feel so blessed to be able to spend alone time with Justin.  (BTW, someone asked me to see a picture of the bangle I received for Mother's Day - you can see it in this last picture!)


CJ said...

Looks like such a pretty day up there!! I've never been to Baltimore, but I've always wanted to go! :)

YAY for alone time! :)