Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Big Boy Beds

So, we made the transition from cribs to toddler beds right after Christmas but I never took the time to blog about how everything went down. We didn’t go all out and re-paint the bedroom and spring for all new decorations and a “theme.” Instead, we just bought them some big boy beds.




You can still see the trunk of the Divorce Tree on their wall. If the boys only knew.

The first night that we put the boys to sleep in their toddler beds, they were a little unsettled – especially Luke. He cried and told me he wanted his crib back. It took a little bit of soothing, but they fell asleep rather quickly and without any major drama.

Same thing happened the following night with Luke wanting his crib, but again, they fell asleep and it’s been great ever since.


Of course, now things have gotten a little tougher. There are nights when it takes some time for them to settle down and either Justin or I will need to go into their room and put their mattresses back on their beds or clean help them put their books back onto the shelf, but for the most part, it’s pretty smooth sailing!


Kelly said...

Hopefully things keep going well. We have had dips, but Kenzie seems to love her big girl bed! Good luck!

Mindy Sauer said...

I'm glad the big boy beds are going well! We've had the same issues with the transition into beds (though it sounds like yours is going a lot better!) We moved the boys into beds at the end of January, the same time we were beginning day/night potty training. They weren't as disappointed with getting rid of their cribs (after all, they were BIG BOYS now,) but we've had a crazy hard time getting them to settle down when it's time to go to sleep. They'll be 100% calm after reading some books, singing, etc, but as soooooon as they enter their room, they're highstrong and jumping, not wanting to lay down. We now read books in their room (as opposed to the living room) and that seems to help a bit. But I think it's just the nature of having two little boys in the same room at the same time. The adventures with twins, right?

Congratulations on your new beds, Luke and Nolan!

Bethany said...

How old were they when you transitioned them? I've been wondering when to do it with my twins. I am very nervous!!! Mine are 2 and a half and I feel like its too early. I was thinking of waiting until they are 3.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the comments, everyone!

Bethany, the boys were 2 1/2 when we made the transition. I too wanted to wait until they were around 3, but Nolan kept climbing out of his crib despite my warnings and I wanted to avoid an injury. Good luck with your decision!