Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Disney Day 8 – Our last day

We took our time on Friday morning loading the car with our bags and souvenirs before heading to Sea World for a couple of hours. Our flight was at 4 and we had some time to kill.

By this point, Nolan was in love with Shamu (still is a month later) and carried his little figurine around everywhere. He was pretty pumped to see Shamu greeting everyone again. Luke was not feeling well and just wanted to rest in the stroller.


This is Shamu, holding Shamu, giving Nolan a kiss.


Both boys wanted to pet Mr. Ray again!


We saw 2 shows – the Sea Lion & Otter show and the Shamu Show. Luke was VERY tired and not feeling his best during the Shamu show so I just held him while Nolan was in awe of the whales.


We had some ice cream before leaving the park. Nolan and Luke fell asleep in the car on the way to the airport and, thankfully, stayed that way when we transferred them to their strollers, checked our bags in and wheeled them to security.

This is all sort of like a blur to me because it was so hectic and stressful, but we arrived at the gate, I got the boys some lunch, thought I lost my purse, forgot to take my anxiety meds for the plane ride (not good), had to chase Luke down the terminal, caught some Lukie vomit in my hands as Justin was waving me to get onto the plane since we were the last to board.

We weren’t late for the flight at all, the airline crew just boarded the plane crazy-early.

We had to do some seat-shuffling since I wasn’t medicated (have I mentioned that I’m a REALLY paranoid & bad flyer?) and was nervous about having both boys sit with me in our 3 seats – which is what the boys wanted to do. What can I say, they love their mommy! Thankfully, my amazing husband got me some meds, took care of the boys and we had a relaxed trip once we were in the air.


Also, you can tell from this last picture how nice my tan was from our week in Florida! Obviously I kid – we are an SPF family!

It was nice to walk through our front door and put the kids to sleep in their own beds, but I really did miss vacation and spending an entire week with my parents and sister. My mom even called the following day and told me she missed waking up with Nolan and Luke.

We have some small trips planned for the rest of this year, but nothing as big as Disney World. We’ll do some camping, spend time at the beach and drive out to Ohio to visit my parents and brothers. I love taking my little guys to fun places and am looking forward to a fun year with them!


Mitzi G. said...

I am so jealous of your vacation; I can't wait to take the boys when C gets a wee bit older!!