Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Disney Day 4 – Epcot

The day that we went to Epcot was an absolutely gorgeous and clear day.


Once upon a time, Epcot probably wasn’t the best park for toddlers, but now there is a Finding Nemo pavilion and, as you know, Nolan and Luke are all about Nemo and his friends.

As we arrived, I passed a store and caught a glimpse of the cutest blue Crocs with Mickey Ears on them for my little men, so we made one quick pit-stop before heading directly to The Seas with Nemo and Friends.


No flash photography, but I wanted to be able to show the boys the Clam-mobiles that they rode in!


From there, we waited for the next Turtle Talk with Crush show and this is when I began to notice that Luke wasn’t feeling his best. Both boys had been sniffling for a few days and I always worry about that leading into an ear infection, so when Luke began to feel warm, I kept a close eye on him.


For Turtle Talk with Crush, the boys sat up front on the theatre with the other children while we sat in the seats. Justin (being the best dad ever) stood off to the side of the theater to shoot video and also to reassure the boys that we weren’t far away. It’s a good thing he did because after about 5 minutes, Luke (not feeling well) began to cry and wherever he goes, so does his brother – they really do look after each other! Justin and I stood off to the side holding our boys while we finished watching the show.

Turtle Talk was my favorite attraction at Epcot – so clever and FUNNY!


Nolan had a kiss ready for his friend, Nemo!


Before we did anything else, we stopped by one of the Child Care Centers they have (again, another reason why Disney is amazing) to buy some medicine for Luke. After a short while he was feeling like himself again so we hit up the ImageWorks with Figment ride.


They spent about 15 minutes dancing around in there (you can tell Luke was feeling much better by this point).


I loved that the Monorail rides through Epcot so that I could point it out to the kids whenever it passed – they couldn’t wait to ride it!


By now it was lunch time and we had reservations at Coral Reef which I was very excited about.


This is the giant sea turtle (among others) that we had fun watching during our lunch. The service was great, but not the meal .


After lunch, we did another ride or two before Justin and I took the boys back to the condo. I wanted Luke to have some down-time and a nice long nap before heading back to Epcot later that night for Illuminations.


After their nap, my little men were, once again, ready for some fun! We had been hyping-up the fireworks, so they were both pretty excited to see them.


There is always music playing at Disney, so we have plenty of opportunities to dance!!


We found a nice fireworks spot, then sat and waited.


We all enjoyed the show, but Luke covered his ears since he’s not terribly fond of very loud noises.

As we were leaving, I showed the boys the monorail for the last time and told them that we would be riding it tomorrow for our day in the Magic Kingdom!!