Friday, February 17, 2012

Disney Day 2 – Pool Day!

Before we went to bed on Friday night, we checked the forecast for the following day and saw that it was going to be sunny and warm (yea!) and everyone knows that Saturdays at Disney World are crowded no matter what time of year you visit, so we decided to make Saturday our pool day.

We stayed at my parents’ timeshare at Silver Lake Resort which is just amazing. We had a 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom condo with 2 kitchens and 2 washers and dryers, so it was extremely convenient in terms of being able to wake in the morning, put on a pot of coffee and make breakfast before heading out the door. On Saturday morning, the boys woke up, climbed into our bed and we told them that we were going to spend the day in the pool which was right outside our balcony. They were pumped!


There are a few pools at the resort and the one next to our building was nice and quiet since it wasn’t the main pool with the cabana.


Nolan had fun with Aunt Danielle! This little guy was FEARLESS and walked right into the water and kept on going. He wanted to swim all day!


This is a good shot of the side of our condo. Our bedroom is on the 2nd floor on the left! Nolan and Luke spent a lot of time playing out on the balcony!


We took a break from our pool in the early afternoon and headed over to the main pool & cabana for lunch. Afterwards, we hunted for lizards, which was SO much fun for my little guys. It’s a good thing their mom doesn’t mind picking up lizards for them! If only they weren’t so fast…

I made early dinner reservations at Captain Jack’s in Downtown Disney. I love DD, by the way!! The Christmas Store is my absolute favorite and we were sure to get our 2012 ornament there.

DSC_0134 - Copy

Dinner was delicious and here’s one of the many reasons I love Disney…


They put thought into EVERYTHING and make it special for little kids (and adults!).


Nolan & Luke received ‘My First Visit’ pins!!


We spent a lot of time browsing the Christmas Store!


My children wanted nothing to do with this pirate, but it was right next to the entrance for the World of Disney store. After they saw this pirate, they didn’t even want to hold a pirate Mickey stuffy!

We did pick out some gifts including Nemo & Dory stuffys and Nemo swimmies for the pool the next day!


We ate ice cream by the water…


…before heading home for a bath and bed time!


We had a fun day at Sea World planned for the next day!!


An Irish Italian Blessing said...

Great pics! Glad you guys are having so much fun!

CJ said...

Do two strollers work better than a double umbrella stroller??

Jennifer said...

Hey CJ, 2 strollers are a MUST with these two. I can get away with a double stroller if I'm by myself, but they boys always end up fighting when they're sitting side by side. Having them separated is so much easier on everyone!

drew said...

Thanks for the post. Made me want to plan our next trip.