Thursday, February 16, 2012

Disney Day 1 – Leaving on a Jet Plane

We had an 8 a.m. flight to Orlando. Justin and I woke very early, showered, loaded the truck then woke the boys. “We’re going to Disney World today,” is what I whispered as I was waking my sleepy boys. They had been asking me just about every day if that day was the one when they would be leaving for Disney. Nolan was not happy about being woken at 5:15 a.m., but once he was in the truck and on our way to pick up Grammie, Pop & Aunt Danielle, he was happy.

We arrived at the airport and had bags upon bags to check. We tried to keep our baggage to a minimum and I think we did a good job, but there were still 2 strollers as well as 2 car seats and carry-on bags to jostle. Nolan and Luke each brought their Thomas the Tank roller bags and they thought they were hot stuff wheeling those things through the airport.

By the time we made it onto the plane, the boys were teeming with excitement. Nolan sat next to daddy & I and Luke sat next to Grammie & Pop. Both boys had window seats and I can’t say enough how well-behaved they were on that flight. Nolan felt like a big boy and wanted to buckle himself in and Luke was completely occupied by looking out the window at the clouds. We bought our Nook & a DVD player for them to watch Finding Nemo on, but it didn’t hold their attention for too long because there was so much more for them to focus on. We didn’t have any ear pressure issues either!

Luke checking out the clouds!

We landed, retrieved our bags then drove immediately to the Magic Kingdom and arrived around 1 p.m. We took the ferry which was a huge deal to the kids! Nolan was looking out the side of the boat and asked me, “How will we get through the trees?” He loved being on the ferry as it pulled up to the dock.

DSC_0015 - Copy
We’ve made it to Disney!
Waiting for the ferry.
“How will we get through the trees, mommy?”
DSC_0071 - Copy
It was fun to point out to the boys where Justin proposed to me in 2004! On the beach at the Grand Floridian.
Pulling up to the dock – we’re almost there!

Walking into the Magic Kingdom with my family was so exciting for me. There’s just nothing like it between the music playing, the excitement on Main Street and watching my boys take their first glimpse at Cinderella’s Castle! I had been pointing out the castle during the intro to all the Disney movies so they were pretty pumped about seeing it in person!
Our very first ride as a family of four – It’s a Small World!
DSC_0062 - Copy
Waiting in line for the Pooh ride.
Mickey & Minnie!!!
DSC_0072 - Copy

The first ride we went on was It’s a Small World. The longest line we waited in was for Peter Pan’s Flight, but we only waited about 20 minutes – not too bad! We had a late lunch in the park before riding some more rides. We stayed at the park until 5 then made it to the resort around 5:30. We had dinner at home then hit the sheets. It was a long day and the boys went to bed very easily.



melissa78 said...

So wish that E and I went!! I know you guys had a blast & I cannot wait to hear all about it from the boys! XO

Erin said...

How fun! Where did you guys stay? We're doing Disney this fall, and I am having a hard time deciding between a Disney hotel or the Doubletree by Hilton in Downtown Disney ...

Mitzi G. said...

They look so sweet sleeping after their fun first day!!