Thursday, January 12, 2012

Boys - January 2012

All parents comment to one another about how quickly time goes by, especially when your children are young. This is why I just need to get out some of the fun things that my two little angels have been up to as of late.

They honestly crack me up. Nolan tells a knock knock joke.

Yes, my son is a jokester and picked up on a knock knock joke that he heard on Yo Gabba Gabba. He will tell us over and over and over. Last night he was on the phone with Poppy and, sure enough....

Nolan: Knock Knock

Poppy: Who's there?

Nolan: Cargo

Poppy: Cargo who?

Nolan: Car go beep beep! HAHAHAHA!

He cracks himself up...and me too.


  • "You're making me nervous," is what popped out of Nolan's mouth as I was changing his diaper one day. Where does this come from!? Crazy kid.

  • Nolan sings "I've Been Working on the Railroad" constantly. He especially likes to sing it in the bathtub and also while he's playing the drums. His voice gets really loud for different parts like, "can't you hear the whistle blowing, RISE UP SO EARLY IN THE HORN (he says horn, not morn)."

  • "I'm stuck in the mud." Both of them like to pretend that they're stuck in the mud (no clue where they've gotten this) and will ask for his brother's help to get out. They're using their imaginations!

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  • Luke is still the more "giving" of the two. If he has something that Nolan wants, he will often give it to Nolan and say, "here you go, Nolie," without question.

  • My boys call each other, Nolie and Lukie. If you ask one of my boys what their brother's name is, that will be their response.

  • Justin was giving them a bath one night last week and told me about how they were both playing with their Yo Gabba Gabba toys in the tub when Luke put his arm around Nolan and told him that he was his best friend.

  • Luke has a 'stance' that he gets into whenever he rocks out. "I like to rock!" is what he tells us! He will stand with his legs apart and plays the guitar.

  • Last week Luke was at his cousin Jake's house and stood on Jakes skateboard and began making motions like he was trying to do skateboard tricks. "I'm doing tricks!" he told my mom. I can only guess that he gets this from Muno on Yo Gabba.

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    Mitzi G. said...

    I don't think they could be any cuter & a knock, knock joke?? That's hilarious!

    Rebekah said...

    I love the personalities that are coming out! Sometimes I have no clue where Hampton gets stuff from either. Recently, before bedtime (or nap), he'll say, "I want 2 minutes mommy!" What?! Haha! Boys are such fun!