Monday, June 27, 2011

Birthday Party

Saturday was Nolan & Luke's 2nd Birthday party. We had our immediate family and friends over to celebrate. All of the kids had a great time and so did I!
G-Mom & G-Pop Ohio & Uncle Zach & Uncle Josh came into town the night before so we squeezed in a little extra quality time!
Aunt Terri made the birthday cake this year! Not only was it adorable, but it tasted delicious as well!
The Jump-o-lene was a huge hit with the little ones!
The boys woke up the morning of their party and started asking me, "jumpolene?"
Tank's doggie door is very useful...
Luke made his rounds with everyone like a good host while Nolan manned the jump-o-lene!
Cake Time!!!
Our attempt at taking a "cousin" picture. We couldn't get Jake to join Ryan, Nolan & Luke, wo we took a picture with the parents as well!!
Not only was it fun for the kids, but the adults had fun too!!
After the majority of our guests left, we went inside to wind-down and open some presents. They had so much fun!

They went to sleep at 8:45 p.m. and slept until 8:45 the following morning. They woke up and asked for their new bubble mowers! It was a great weekend!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Birthday Continued

Mom Mom, Poppy, Grammie, Pop & Aunt Danielle joined us for dinner and ice cream cake to celebrate Nolan & Luke's 2nd Birthday.

We started out with some presents

Some pre-dinner snacks with mommy!
Then it was time to show the boys their "big" gift from Mommy & Daddy.

Nolan's face LIT UP when he saw the table. Luke passed Nolan on the steps so that he could be the first to play!

After playing for a while, it was time for ice cream cake and some singing.
Clearly, someone liked being sung to!
Time to blow out the candles.
Now, we can eat!!

After cake, we spent quite a while playing with our new toys before bath & bed. I thought that they'd sleep late the following morning since they went to bed around 9, but they were up at their usual time and, of course, they wanted to play with their new train set.

It was a very fun birthday and now we're looking forward to the party on Saturday! The best news of all is that Grandmom & Grandpop Ohio are coming with Uncle Zach & Uncle Josh!

Our Special Birthday Surprise for the Boys

I may not have had the boys birthday party planned ahead of time, but Justin & I were WAY ahead of the game when it came to Luke & Nolan's 2nd birthday present.

We knew that we wanted to build them a Thomas the Tank Engine table and fill the table with tracks & engines that our boys love since they enjoy playing with the one in Barnes & Noble.
Justin & Mom Mom's Hand-Made Thomas the Tank Engine Table

I bought the tracks and engines very early (February!) and Justin began working on the table the first week in June. Not only is he incredibly smart, but he's extremely handy and creative too! (just bragging about my man for a bit)

We did this on the down-low....after the boys went to bed at night!

After he was finished with the table, he took it over to Mom Mom's house so that she could put the finishing touches on it. Mom Mom is a very talented artist and an amazing painter. She doesn't typically paint trains (let alone one on a table), but she did a remarkable job!

You can really tell that a lot of love went into their gift.

Next up...showing the boys!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday, Nolan & Luke


My Little Loves,

Happy 2 years!

I will never forget the moment we met because it was the single most amazing moment of my life. The past 730 days with you have been some of the most demanding days of my life, but they have also been filled with laughter and crazy amounts of love.

Thank you for those incredible smiles and giggles. I have them permanently etched in my mind and, no matter how old you grow, I know I'll never forget them.

You probably won't remember all of the memories that we are making, but I'm doing my best to capture those moments for you. I know that you will cherish my pictures and videos some day and it will make the playful ridicule I get from family and friends for lugging my camera with me just about everywhere I go, worth it.

My hope is that your next 365 days aren't as "terrible" as other people make them out to be, but if the going gets tough, we will all make it through just fine. I promise to try and be understanding just as long as you take it easy on your ol' mommy!

Happy Birthday, my handsome little boys. Your daddy and I still marvel at how beautiful and perfect we think you are, as only parents could do. You have both blessed us in ways we never thought possible. We hope you enjoy your birthday and the fun surprises we have in store for you.

With Love,

Mommy & Daddy

Monday, June 20, 2011

Handsome Lukie

My little dude is stylin' and profilin' after his haircut.
Luke takes his man-scaping very seriously as you can tell by his Zoolander face.

Luckily, Justin needed to go in for a haircut at the same time Luke was in desperate need for one.

One more chore to check off the list before the big birthday celebration!

The ladies at the shop were very impressed with my little guy's behavior. He sat like a good boy while daddy had his hair cut and when it was Luke's turn, he sat in the chair and didn't flinch while Tammy cut his hair!

My sweet Luke. My little firecracker. My little love.

Luke still loves to chase and be chased. When I find him upset, all I need to do is get down on the floor and chase him around the kitchen island. It instantly lifts his spirits!

He loves to stack mega blocks.

He likes to line things up or group them together. We were at his cousin's birthday party this past weekend and he took all of her chairs and little tables and rearranged them! He then led me over to her little picnic table and asked me to move it because it was too heavy for him to do it himself.

I find him dancing to music a few times a day.

He doesn't really have a 'favorite' toy - he likes them all! If I had to guess, I'd say his tricycle might be his favorite. He can't actually ride it yet though; he just pushes himself along.

He gives the best kisses -- when you can get him to give you one. If he doesn't want to, there is absolutely no forcing him! On Saturday morning, the boys climbed into our bed with us and Luke took it upon himself to kiss daddy, then me, then daddy, then me again. Over and over. We were both laughing because it was so sweet!

I love my little peanut.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's officially summer time!

I am a week late posting this, but I want to note it nonetheless. It was very hot around here last week. I'm talking 98 degrees last Thursday which was the day we took the boys to Mom Mom & Poppy's house for a swim after work.

Mom Mom bought these nifty little flotation swim suits. My boys looked like mini Europeans with their tight, short bottoms!


They both loved the water!

They eventually realized that climbing up the ladder onto the deck and jumping into someone's arms was even more fun than just floating around!


I don't have any pictures of the pool jumping because I was too busy trying to patrol Nolan who showed no fear when it came to jumping into the water. He wouldn't even wait for you to get into place to catch him. His feet hit the deck and he took off running and jumping!

aaaaarrrrg, I'm a pirate

Uncle Pat & Aunt Giustina bought the boys a giant inflatable pirate ship pool which I kept hidden in our laundry room until it was hot enough to put it to good use. While they were napping last Friday, I inflated the pirate monstrosity (which is what I've lovingly nicknamed it). It took a while, but when I stood back and took a look at the finished project, I knew that Nolan and Luke would love playing in it.

We went out to lunch with Grammie and ran a few errands and when we arrived back home, it was pirate time. arrrg.

Oh boy, were they happy!!
For a few days after they first played in the pirate monstrosity, they would wake from their nap and say, "pool?"

Absolutely, boys.