Monday, May 23, 2011

Nolan and his bubbles

One day last week, Nolan woke from his nap earlier than Luke, so we played outside with the bubble blower. My boys LOVE their one-on-one time with me, so whenever we have these little moments, I'm sure to make the best of it. Whoever is with me gets undivided attention!


Nolan is my little hillbilly. He loves to be barefoot; it doesn't matter if he's indoors or outdoors. I have a hard time getting him to walk through the front or back door -- he wants to be outside ALL THE TIME!

He loves to repeat everything he hears -- mostly the last few words he hears someone else say.

His hair grows so quickly!

His pillow-pet is his favorite toy and he loves to carry it with him all over the house.

He thinks it's funny when he puts his finger in his nose.

He LOVES Thomas the Tank Engine (which is their 2nd Birthday theme!!) and will lay with his pillow pet in front of the tv to watch the show.

I think he's ready to be potty trained which I plan on doing as soon as I have a free weekend!! Not too easy to come by lately...

His favorite thing to eat is crackers or bagels with cream cheese.

He enjoys taking off his shirt and putting it back on again by himself.

He is still my cuddle-bug and I love the sound of his laugh.

He definitely makes me a very, very proud momma.

Helping Daddy

Lawnmowers, trash trucks, trains, buses and central air units are some of the things Luke and Nolan are fascinated with.

Daddy mowed the lawn on Friday while the boys and I watched from the patio, but when he was finished, the boys rushed onto the grass to pretend-mow with him.

Note to others: the lawnmower wasn't on and their little piggies were free from harm!


Monday, May 16, 2011

Date Night -- Sugarland Concert

A couple of months ago, Justin sent me an e-mail while we were both working asking me if we had any plans for May 14th. Miraculously, nothing was on the agenda! About 20 minutes went by when I received another email letting me know that he was taking me to the Sugarland concert!

He is not a country music fan, so it meant a great deal to me that he wanted to take me to see a band that I enjoyed. I am a new country music fan. I began listening after the boys were born because I felt like most pop music was just a little too "mature" for their little ears.

So May 14th rolled around and both boys were sick. I felt very bad all day leading up to the time when I would have to leave them. Aunt Chica and Uncle Eric came to babysit and the second they walked through the door, all my worries left. My boys LOVE their aunt and uncle so much!

Justin and I joined his parents at Miller's Ale House for dinner. We had a great time and delicious dinner!

Aunt Chica sent me this picture while I was at dinner.

We arrived at the concert and had a BLAST!!!
Little Big Town was amazing.
And I loved Sugarland!!

Justin admitted that it was a great concert and he enjoyed the music! I have to say, they put on an entertaining show! Brad Paisley is coming in September, so hopefully we'll get to see him then.

When we got home later that night, Melissa told me that the boys went down at 7:30 and didn't make a peep after that! When we woke on Sunday morning, I could tell that they were feeling much better. Thank goodness!!

The Carnival

Once a year, the church in our neighborhood hosts a family carnival. This was the first time I ever went because I wanted to take the boys on some rides. Nolan had just started a head cold this morning, but, you know kids -- runny nose & sneezing isn't going to stop them from playing and having fun!

We asked the boys if they wanted to go down the big slide, Luke said yes, Nolan said no.
There is our neighbor, Kayla next to us! We found her sitting on her front step looking sad, so when we asked her what was wrong, she said that she couldn't go to the carnival because her friend wasn't allowed to go. We cleared it with her mom and she came with us instead!
Nolan didn't want to ride the carousel either, but Luke had a BLAST with daddy!!
Nolan much preferred running around with Kayla instead.
Nolan really did enjoy fishing though!
Mom Mom lent an expert hand!
Both boys had a great time riding these ducks -- they did it twice!
At the end of the night, we asked Nolan again if he wanted to do the big slide with mommy -- he said yes!
When we finished, he wanted to go again -- that's my brave little guy! We all shared a little cotton candy on the walk home and went to bed a little later than we usually do. We had a really good time and I definitely think we'll go again next year.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Sick, but having fun.

Nolan has a little cold which threw a wrench in our plans to have my friend, Tricia and her twins, Sammie and Charlie over for a play date! Neither of the boys has had a cold in about 5 months which is fantastic, but I was really looking forward to holding those little cuties this morning!

Last night, Mom Mom came over to play with Nolan and Luke while Justin and I went to pick up a little sliding board & swing set from our other twin friends, Ben and Nora (and of course their parents, Tim and Kristine!). They had gotten too big for the set and graciously offered it to my boys. When we walked through the door last night with their new toy, their faces lit up! Something new to climb on!
Nolan enjoys manning the captain's spot and sitting by the steering wheel with his legs dangling down and Luke loves to plop himself on the swing! Works out perfectly!
There is a small carnival in our neighborhood that ends tonight and if my little guys are feeling up to it, I think we may take them over for some funnel cake and a ride or two.

Monday, May 9, 2011

My Mother's Day!

This is my 400th post and I couldn't think of a better blog milestone than to have it be about my second Mother's Day!

We kicked off our Mother's Day weekend with a trip to the zoo on Saturday morning. The weather was perfect and the boys were extremely well-behaved, so it really couldn't have gone any better.

Posing for pictures with mom is not something we do well.

We do pose well with dinosaur statues, however.

We spent quite a bit of time in the Primate House because it was so fun for us all!






When Nolan's eyes fell upon this train, he directed us all over to it. It was $3 per child and so I went to give the conductor my cash. He politely informed me that I'd need to purchase a ticket at some booth which was not near the train.

When we began walking over to the ticket booth, Nolan was crying, "train, traaaaaain," over and over again. Poor little guy! After we bought the tickets and went back, there was a line to ride the train. He was upset that he had to wait, but he did a very good job waiting (not so) patiently.


It was finally our turn!! They were both so, so happy to be on the choo-choo.
After the zoo, we went back home and the boys took naps while daddy and I got some chores done. We went to the mall after that and did a little shopping which was MUCH easier when I had Justin with me!

The boys had just woken from a nap, so that may also have been why they didn't mind sitting in the stroller while we walked them around.

Aunt Chica and Uncle Eric came over on Saturday night and Justin grilled us a delicious steak dinner! Such a fun end to the day.

On Sunday morning, I opened my lovely Mother's Day presents and cards, then Justin asked me what I wanted for breakfast. "Huevos Rancheros," I answered without really thinking. The last time I had them was on our honeymoon in Mexico.

He whipped me up the best huevos rancheros I ever tasted! What made it even more special, was that Nolan ate about half my breakfast! He LOVED huevos rancheros! Justin made the boys cheesy eggs, but he wanted mine. Maybe he'll have a love for Mexico just like his mommy.

After breakfast & nap time, it was off to Mom Mom & Poppy's house to play before we went to dinner at one of our favorite Italian Restaurants, Adriano's.

I didn't get a picture of my little guys once they were wearing their adorable dinner outfits!



We asked Nolan if he'd like to sit with mommy for a picture. "No," he politely told us.
This was the best I could do.
Happy Mother's Day!!!