Monday, April 25, 2011

Dyeing Easter Eggs

Is it 'dyeing' or 'dying' Easter eggs? Google offered me no help, so 'dyeing' it is.

This post is going to cover Saturday -- the day before Easter. Justin and I did some running around with the boys then headed home for some egg-dyeing fun. At this point in the day, it started getting hot. I had already baked two batches of cookies plus a cake, so the house was especially warm. The boys stripped their clothes off, I put on some shorts and we began our project.

We dyed the eggs the 'old fashioned' way: food coloring, vinegar and water.

Before we started the project, Justin asked me "how are we going to dye the eggs?" He asked if I bought a kit, but I told him that we were going to do it the way I did when I was little: with spoons!

We had a blast!

Nolan was listening to his egg very intently.
Nolie Power!!

I tried to pose for a picture with my sons, but they were more interested in my mixer and the attachments.

Luke liked coloring his tray.

Easter Weekend

We had a busy, fun-filled Easter weekend. I'm going to break it into a few different posts because one would be just way too much.

The Easter Bunny paid us a visit!! The boys woke early on Sunday morning to find baskets filled with goodies. The four of us spent our morning together opening gifts and eating candy. Not such a good breakfast, but they didn't want to eat the waffles I made for them. Candy it was.

The Easter Bunny hid some eggs around the living room and Luke had a blast hunting for them. Nolan only became interested once he discovered there were jelly beans hidden in them.

After nap time, it was off to Grammie & Pop's house for lunch, more goodies and another egg hunt!

Family picture time! I was pleasantly surprised to find that all of us were looking (sort of) at the camera at the same time.

Easter egg hunt!!

After lunch, we drove to Mom Mom & Poppy's house for dinner! We arrived there to discover a fun new slide! Mom Mom discovered that Pledge furniture spray is a very effective slide lubricant!
It grew entirely way too hot for an April afternoon (85 degrees!), so it was off with the shirts for my little men. The rain began to fall after dinner and the boys danced around in the rain while their Poppy kept a watchful eye. They played all afternoon with their slide, golf club set and quads.
We made it home around 7 p.m., the boys took a nice, warm bubble bath then were off to bed.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

We aren't only celebrating Easter this year, but we are also celebrating the engagement of Aunt Christa and Uncle Charlie!

May you all have a happy, blessed, fun and warm Easter!

We have several Easter egg hunts planned and I'm hoping for some sunshine!

Hoppy Easter!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hey Buttercup

After my last ski trip, I announced to Justin that I was officially 'over' the snow and completely ready for the warm weather. I had quite a while to wait, but Monday was like an answer to my prayers:

82 degrees + no work + happy boys = priceless.

After L&N's nap, I wrangled the little guys into my truck and we headed to Pennypack Park to meet my mom for a walk. I brought along the wagon but barely used it to pull my boys. It was a good luggage & drink cart though.

Grammie & Luke
There were some geese hanging out in the creek, so the boys tossed them some tortilla chips. I think that after the long winter, the geese were very happy to have some chips! The boys were very happy to share.
After a while, we continued on and Nolan decided to pull Luke around.
Little buttercup flowers were all over! It is such a shame that this weather was a complete fluke and it won't be like this for a couple more months!

Notice Luke's stick? He's still amazed by them. He'd pick up two sticks, examine them, then put one down until he found another. Then he repeated the process.
There were lots of dogs and bikers on the trail. Nolan alerted us all to passing bikers. "Biiiike," he would shout!
Mommy & Grammie were very brave and walked the boys down a steep hill so that they could play with the rocks. Luke, without hesitation, marched straight into the creek as soon as his feet hit the ground. No fear whatsoever.

He wouldn't ven look at me when he was playing with the rocks.

The concentration was amazing to me!!
This is Luke leading Nolan back to the creek's edge because he had wandered away. I'm telling you, he took the rock-throwing VERY seriously.
We had a really nice afternoon. The leaves are starting to bud on the trees. Little flowers are popping up everywhere and (sometimes) we're able to sleep with the windows open. I'm loving this time of year!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Afternoon at the Link

Our friends, Pat and Giustina invited us to a 'Huddle up for Autism' event at Lincoln Financial Field. It was a day for kids to roam around the Link, where the Philadelphia Eagles play. We're huge Birds fans and this was the boys first time visiting the stadium.

We were greeted by some of the Eagles Cheerleaders. They looked like they were about 16 and made me feel extremely old. It's pretty bad when even your husband says that the cheerleaders look like they're in high school. They were incredibly sweet though and posed happily for pictures with some of their future fans!

Look at how happy Nicholas looks!!
Swoop was there as soon as we walked through the doors, but there were so many people surrounding him that we skipped the line and went over to the balloon animal-maker. There was a lot there for the kids to do like, arts & crafts, magic shows and a giant inflatable pirate ship, but my boys were too young for some of it or the lines were a little too long.

We headed downstairs and into the Visitors Locker Room. We were hoping that when the G-Girls (Giants) or the Cowgirls visited, they'd be welcomed by a pink glittery locker room, but unfortunately it was gray.

Then, it was on to the Eagles Locker Room!!

Afterwards, we headed down to the field. They opened one of the end zones up for the kids to run an obstacle course on!

Uncle Pat & Nicholas
Daddy showed the boys where the Eagles play. I think that the open field was extremely inviting to the boys! They wanted to get down and run so badly!

Finally -- we're allowed to run around!

Nolan was spent by the end of the day! We left the house at 10:30 in the morning, right before their nap. They were very, very good during the tour considering it was in the middle of their nap time!
After we got back home, the boys took a nap and when they woke, the four of us cleaned up the backyard after the long winter. There were leaves & sticks everywhere and the boys had a great time helping rake & put them into trash bags. Nolan pushed his lawn mower around the yard just like his daddy. It was a fun, beautiful day!