Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Busy November

For whatever reason, June is always an extremely busy month for me and my family. Every weekend is filled with birthday parties, BBQs, parties or going to the beach. That's the way I feel about this November: our weekends are fully booked and with Justin traveling during the week - we are pressed for time.

I was asked to shoot a friend of a friend's engagement pictures which is a huge honor (and compliment!) so I am preparing for that. I'm also doing a family portrait session with a high school friend and her newborn son. I never imagined that someone would ask me to take their photographs, but I will do my absolute best to make them happy.

We had absolutely nothing particular to do this past weekend, so we all enjoyed it at home with each other. Brenda came over on Friday night to hang out with the boys and I while Justin was on his way home from Raleigh. We played with my little guys then watched a chick flick. I love relaxing nights with friends!

On Saturday and Sunday we chilled out around the house and celebrated Mom Mom's birthday.
I cleaned the house from top to bottom and pulled out my fall decoration box which is filled with turkeys, pumpkins and leaves. The boys tore through that box saying, "Christmas!"

Not just yet, little guys! Soon though!

Loading the Cozy Coupe up with sticks and leaves!

The faces that Luke makes crack me up sometimes. He's so expressive - just like me!


Irish Italian Blessings said...

So cute! Love them working in the yard :) Your pics are fabulous! Did you get a new camera?

Jennifer said...

Hey cutie! I went home last night and told Justin about the bug in Kaylin's ear - so scary. He was freaked out too. I can't imagine how painful that was for her :(

I got a new camera in May or June of this year, so it's the sale 'ol one I've been using LOL! xo

Mitzi G. said...

LOVE that face!!