Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Two Boys

I have been following Whitney's blog for a few years now and she recently found out she was having another little boy in addition to her son, Levi, who is close in age to my boys.

There is something she wrote today that really hit home with me because it has been said to me numerous times.

It is in regards to the fact that I have two boys and not a daughter.

I'm know that when it was being said, it wasn't meant as offensive, but I can't help but take it to heart a little bit because of the fact that my heart is complete with my two boys.

I am happy and proud to be the mother of my two sons and the fact that I don't have a daughter doesn't bother me in the least. Really.

If I were to get pregnant again and again and have a whole litter of little boys, I wouldn't (even for a single second) feel that I was unfulfilled because I don't have a little girl to put dresses on.

I love thinking about the future and the fact that they will most likely be the best man for each other's weddings. I know that they will be best friends. They love each other so much already - I see it every day. They will have each other to stand by as they grow and nothing could make me happier.


Krystle said...

I get comments like that a lot with my 3 boys...of course I thought one of them would be a girl. And yes, it would be wonderful to have a girl.
But no we are not "trying until we have a girl"
and no I don't feel a deep deep longing. I LOVE my boys and wouldn't trade them for any girl!

Amy said...

I love my 2 boys too! I'm sure I'd love a little girl too, but I am just fine with my 2 boys. In fact, I just love how boy-ish they are already (they are 23 mos old identical twins) and how much fun they have together. Yay boys!