Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Potty Training Fail

I swore up and down a river that I was going to have my boys potty trained after this past weekend. I was completely ready to go after reading the 3 day potty training manual. We had nothing planned for this weekend and I was convinced that my boys were going to pick up on it after a few days.

I was prepared for the event and had loads of underpants for the boys, two potty chairs, stickers, treats...the boys even helped me throw away all of their un-used diapers. I was ready to go.

I was ready to go. My boys weren't.

I won't go into details, but they made it perfectly clear to me that they were absolutely not having any of this potty business just yet. We'll be waiting a while before trying again!

Now that they were back in diapers, we were no longer prisoners in our house so my little guys and I went to the park and I helped them forget about their traumatic morning of (not) potty training.

On Saturday, Poppy came over to help daddy do some brick and paver work on our front wall and walkway. Nolan and Luke LOVED 'helping' and feeling like they were included in such a manly project.



Momma Wilson said...

I've tried a few weekends too, and Jackson is just not ready either! Those boys are so stubborn:)

Cuz I'm the mama! said...

Thanks for sharing your experience. Im on the fence about trying and I think this confirms it's too early for us, too. My girls seem about 50% ready... It's just so hard to know when. A friend told me... For the first months you almost wish you could turn back to diapers. Kinda like when I rushed into solids and then realized bottles were sooooooo much easier. Hearing from others really helps so thx!

Kristine said...

Don't lose heart! Ben potty trained way later than Norah. He was "day trained" a little bit after he turned 3, but he wasn't "night trained" until about 3 3/4.

Carolyn said...

My gosh they're so adorable! Potty training can be a little scary for them at first. You just have to keep at it. My daughter was the same way. By day 3 or 4 she was liking the attention she got when she went and she stopped having accidents. I'm sure they'll pick it up once they're ready!


Irish Italian Blessings said...

Their little outfits are soo cute! My daughter wants NOTHING to do with potty training either, she's quite content telling me when she needs a new diaper instead of telling me when she has to go. We're just gonna wait til she's ready :) Good luck with the boys!

Cuz I'm the mama! said...

Just had to follow up after reading your comment back to me. We are really in the same boat -- my girls will both tell me about potty and poo -- but WILL NOT sit on the potty chair or the big potty. They cry, fight, scream!! So -- I guess that is our cue they aren't ready. In time!! :):)