Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away

The rain has been never-ending. Roads are flooded, our roof is leaking (good times) and my boys haven't been able to play outside at all this week because of the mud pit that is our back yard.

I long for sunny, warm days.

I had a half hour to kill yesterday after work while I was waiting for Justin and the boys to arrive home. We had a brief break in the rain and the sun was actually shining just a bit. I went out front to take some pictures of raindrops in our garden. I use the term 'garden' very loosely. I live in the city, yall, so it's just a (very) small patch of grass & a flower bed.


This looks very peaceful and serene, no? I bet you'd never guess that my stoner neighbor was in his garage not 10 feet from me doing something that makes me call him my 'stoner' neighbor.

He's quite nice family man actually, it's just that he's a stoner. Whatever gets you through the day, I guess.

Since we are all stuck indoors, we wrestle and play ring around the rosie.


The boys are VERY into wresting at the moment. They often tug on my arm and say, "mommy, lay down," then they proceed to jump on me.




carO__ said...

I love the wrestling going on because I know EXACTLY what you mean! Mine also loves to stand up on the couch while I'm distracted them jump on me like I'm a personal trampoline. I guess that's the mom of a boy, right?

Krystle said...

Oh man, it's like 100 degrees here in Southern Oregon this week and I long for rain! Let's switch!! :)

Mitzi G. said...

amazing photos!!

B loves to wrestle too & it is a great leg workout for mommy :)