Thursday, September 22, 2011

2 Years, 3 Months

The boys are 27 months old today and keep their daddy and I in a constant state of laughter (inter-mixed with some frustration, but that's a different story). Justin and I were talking last night about how in love we are with our two boys as we shared some of the funny things they've been doing or saying lately. The idea of having another little one around the house is definitely on our minds.

Justin took the boys for hair cuts yesterday and Nolan was so much braver this time around when it came time for the clippers. He didn't shy away at all.

Text picture from Grammie (before their haircut).

Nolan and Luke have a fascination with construction sites and bulldozers. They love to point them out to me as we drive past one.

I plan on potty training beginning next weekend because I don't have anything special planned and can stay close to home. Every time I ask the boys if they want to use the potty, they tell me, "no." I've tried everything I can to make using the potty seem like it's the "cool" thing to do: Caillou uses the potty; Daddy & Mommy do too; you get to wear big boy underpants! Nothing seems to work.

Ever since Pop got a Harley, Luke and Nolan have been eyeing up motorcycles. Grammie even bought them little motor cycles with riders on them. These might be their new favorite toys.

The boys love mornings that Mom Mom & Poppy take them to McDonalds for breakfast. Nolan eats pancakes and eggs while Luke eats as many sausages as he possibly can. Speaking of food, cheesy scrambles eggs and sausage just might be their favorite meal. If they're ever given a choice for breakfast, lunch or dinner, this is almost always what Nolan asks for.

There was a time (from 12 to about 20 months old) when Luke really didn't want to be touched by Nolan. The'd play together, but Luke didn't really want Nolan to invade his personal space, but now Luke LOVES playing closely with Nolan. They play 2-man ring around the rosey, they hold hands, they tackle and wrestle. I could go on and's something I love to watch!

Both boys still want to be dressed alike. If I have to change one of their shirts because they spilled something on it, his brother will want his shirt changed too. The only thing they don't mind wearing differently is pajamas.

Bath time has become much, much harder than it used to. I have to use 3 bath towels: one for each boy and one to sop up all the water that inevitable ends up all over the bathroom floor.

Halloween is right around the corner and 'tis the season of pumpkin patches, apple picking, hayrides, orange & red leaves and, of course, trick or treating. I showed my boys pictures of themselves from last year in their Halloween costumes as I tried to explain trick or treating to them. The Philly Zoo and Sesame Place have month-long Halloween festivities, so we have a fun-filled month ahead of us!


Mindy Sauer said...

This really is such a fun age (though I can empathesize with the frustrating-at-times part, too!) Where did these independent, strong-willed boys come from? Oh yeah... ME ;) My boys are now almost 2 years and 5 months old and I still haven't seriously considered potty training. They just don't seem to be ready. On the other hand, I'm 3 months pregnant so they will have another sibling - just one, this time - just before they turn three! :)