Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Weekend Recap - Ray's birthday & bachelor party

We had a great time this weekend at Ray's 3rd birthday party at Burger King. Who knew that place was so much fun and had so much for kids to do? I now know my new winter-time hot spot to take the boys! Little Ray's mom, Stevie and I have been friends since high school. To make a long story short, I was kicked off the bus (don't ask) and had to make a long walk home. She got off the bus to walk with me because she felt bad and it was a friendship made in heaven!

Justin was hosting his best friend's bachelor party, so it was just the boys, myself and Aunt Chica for the day (and night).

Aunt Chica wasn't afraid to get down & dirty in the play land!
A party wouldn't be a party if Stevie was on time, so we played for a while until she and the man of the hour showed up to play!
The best part of the whole party....
I got to hold a baby!! Stevie's youngest, Kristyn was there.
I really miss holding and cooing (I actually just mis-typed "cooking!") a baby.
And, hands-down, my favorite picture of the day.....
Look at that devilish grin! Melts my heart! She was so sweet and didn't mind being passed from woman to woman. There definitely wasn't a shortage of arms to be in.

After BK, Aunt Chica & I took the boys to Target (where they were very good) and Boston Market (where they weren't so good) before heading back to her & Eric's apartment to eat our dinner.

I thought I gave Justin enough time to gather the bachelor party men before I headed home, but there were 15 guys hanging out at my house when I returned with my very tired little guys. Nolan & Luke brightened up immediately when they saw them all and they fit right in with the rest of the guys. They even "helped" carry a cooler out to the truck. Justin even mentioned that he thinks that our boys made a few of the single guys there want to have babies!


Mitzi G. said...

looks like a great b-day celebration.