Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Justin and I have never been the parents to read our boys a bed time story before they go to sleep. I know that some parents begin this the day their baby comes home, but we just never fell into that routine. That isn't to say that we don't read to the boys, we just don't include it as part of our bed time ritual.

Aunt Brenda actually jokes with me that she'll watch our boys any time because it's so easy and quick to put them to sleep! Tell them it's bed time; carry them to their room; put them in their crib and say 'good night.' Easy-peasy!

My hair looks very pretty, no?

Justin was traveling for work and the boys asked me to read their favorite book, 'Mother Goose.' I love this book because the pictures are just so beautiful and my boys love to point out different details like ladybugs or crickets that are very small. My sister was there and snapped a picture of us reading which I was really happy about because I don't think I have any pictures of that. It's the little things that make me happy.

Nolan is still "playing drums" every minute of the day. His drum sticks are actually sticks that actually came with my wok.


Brenda said...

Wait, you actually walk INTO their rooms? I thought you just chucked them into their cribs from the hallway. In the time it took you to put to kids "to bed" last week, I didn't even finish my enchilada!

ps - I usually read your blog through a reader, so I haven't been on your page in a while. Love the new look/name!

Krystle said...

I have been reading your blog from reader too and I LOVE your new look and name!!!!

An Irish Italian Blessing said...

Very cute!! My daughter goes to bed the same way, say goodnight and we're done, I like it that way. I agree with the other comments too, love the new name and look!