Saturday, August 6, 2011

First trip to Sesame Place

Grammie and I took the boys to Sesame Place yesterday for their first time. I clocked the drive and it took 12 minutes -- I love that! Nolan and Luke were so excited as we walked through the gates and they pointed all the characters out to us.

The first water ride you see as you walk through the gates is the Rubber Ducky Sky Splash. There were no height requirements listed, so I guessed that it was okay for the boys so Grammie & I led the boys up the steps. They LOVED this ride!! After we were finished and went to hang out at one of the toddler pools, Luke kept wandering back to the Sky Splash saying, "mine."

I didn't bring a camera with me because I wanted to concentrate on the boys around all the water, but I think it'll be safe to bring it the next time. All of the pools come up to their knees. They weren't very fond of water splashing on them, so I was surprised that Nolan wanted to spend so much time at The Count's Splash Castle! Luke liked it too, but preferred to just stand in ankle-deep water and look at everyone. There was constant Sesame music playing and he loved dancing around!
We visited a few pools and had lunch before we saw the Monster Rock Concert. The look on my boys' faces when Elmo, Bert, Ernie, Cookie Monster & Zoe walked on the stage was priceless. It actually made me cry a little. They clapped their hands and Nolan danced a little bit during the concert.
I loved it so much that we're going back on Sunday for a couple of hours, but not before I head to NYC today to help my beautiful sister-in-law try on wedding gowns! I am so excited about that!!

Before I finish my post, I need to share some pictures of Luke from after his nap yesterday (after Sesame Place).

This boys' hair cracks me up!!!
If I blow dry it, it gets very curly and adorable!
Daddy is taking both boys to the hair dresser today to get a cut which they both desperately need!


Kendra said...

I have heard this place is wonderful for kids. Your boys are adorable!

Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness! This is a toddlers dream place! I admit it looks pretty great to me too!

An Irish Italian Blessing said...

What a fun trip! Glad the boys had fun. I can't wait to be able to take my little ones there some day because I know how much they'll love it!

Mitzi G. said...

WOW, that place looks amazing!!

What a cutie; I can't believe that he just laid there & let you take pictures B is out of bed before I can even get into his room!