Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Beach Vacation Part 2

We awoke to a beautiful morning on Wednesday so we all had an early breakfast before heading to the boardwalk to ride the surreys.


Even though it was too early for Wonderland Pier to open, the boys were asking to go on the rides and the "ferry wheel."


We knew that Hurricane Irene was going to hit the Jersey shore early on Sunday morning, but there were no talks about evacuations at this point, so we were still going about your vacation. After all, it was gorgeous and we wanted to spend more time in the ocean.


Someone took his love for the sand a little too seriously.


Christa, Charlie, Justin, myself and the boys stayed in that night, had dinner, had some drinks and played cards while Mom Mom & Poppy went to Atlantic City for a night out with their friends.

When we woke on Thursday morning, I was excited because Aunt La La (Lisa) was coming down to spend the day with us. The problem was that there were thunderstorms that were supposed to be rolling in. We went to the beach for a little while (while Justin golfed) until we were rained out.


Aunt La La was a lot of fun to play around with but, like I said, it was rainy, so we didn't last on the beach for too long.


We went home after a while and hung out at the house until the men returned from golfing. By this point, the Governer of NJ said that they wanted people out of Ocean City by Friday night which meant we needed to cut our vacation short by a day.

There were still some things we wanted to do on the boardwalk, so Justin and I packed the boys up and off we went.

As soon as we pulled into the parking lot, the rain started to fall, but I was hell-bent on having our yearly "Old Time Photos" taken, so we dashed down the boardwalk to the photo shop. We were all wet from the rain. There were probably 40 people crammed into this little studio because of the rain so we headed another block down to Wonderland so that the boys could go on a few rides. That's where I ran into a blog reader -- hello friend!!

We managed to make it back to the photo place to have the picture done with very few tears. The Nolan was NOT enjoying it at all!

After we returned home, Justin and I got ready for a night out in Atlantic City. A storm had rolled in and people were evacuating in preparation for Sunday's hurricane. We didn't plan on leaving until the following afternoon (Friday) because we had heard that the weather was going to be gorgeous and we hoped to spend the morning on the beach.


This is a blackberry picture of the storm over AC. There was some pretty incredible lightning!


We enjoyed our night out at the Borgata -- we had dinner at Old Homestead and played some roulette before heading back to the house. The rain had stopped by the time we left which was good for us!

Friday morning was absolutely gorgeous -- the perfect beach day!


Unfortunately (but better safe than sorry), the beach patrol rode down the beach and kicked us off stating that there were mandatory evacuations effective immediately. We had known that we needed to be off the island by evening, but I guess they wanted to get everyone off the beach earlier.


We went back to the house, packed everything very quickly and were out the door by noon. It took about 2 1/2 hours to get home which I didn't think was too bad considering the traffic!

We went to the grocery store that night back home and I couldn't believe the crowds. There was no bread on the shelves! By this point, they had down-graded the storm to a Category 1 and I thought everyone was being a little too over-cautious, but whatever gets you through the day, right?

We spent that night relaxing and listening to Nolan and Luke telling us everything they did at the beach. "Cars, bike, shovel, bucket, boat, train, water, beach."

We had a fun vacation and I was very happy that the boys enjoyed themselves!

Up next, our Hurricane Irene shindig!


An Irish Italian Blessing said...

Ok first of all you look absolutely Ah-MAZING!! Love that you guys knew Irene was on her way but had to get all the fun in you could before she arrived, very cute!

J. Dormer said...

You have the cutest little family! Looks like a beautiful vacation. I also thought it was cute that Owen calls my parents Mom-Mom and Poppy too!