Friday, July 29, 2011

hitting & hugging

Why didn't anybody ever warn me about the terrible two's?

Just joking - everybody and their mother has told me, "just wait until you hit the terrible twos with two boys," as they looked at me with concern in their eyes. "We'll be fine," I'd reply as I brushed off their comment. I was blissfully unaware.

I'm not sure if this is the beginning of the TT's, but my little guys are certainly becoming defiant and love to tell me "no". And the hitting! Oh my goodness, the hitting is getting out of control.

I've begun giving them separate baths because if I keep them in the bathtub together and, heaven forbid, someone splashes some water into his brother's face, the face-smacking and kicking ensues. Then comes the tears and naked, soapy boys fighting over who gets out of the tub first.

It's just much easier to take the time and give them a bath one at a time. I don't mind that it takes twice as long!

The funny thing is that I've been catching Nolan give Luke a lot of hugs the past couple of nights but the strange thing was that Luke was upset when he did.

I then realized that Nolan wasn't hugging his brother but trying to squeeze him with all of his might. I'm guessing he thought he could disguise the fact that he was trying to torture his brother with a hug.

Just another thing for me to watch out for.

This is what bath time has looked like for the past couple of weeks.
One little guy in.
The other out.

I broke the rules this day since they were both relatively calm.
It lasted about 4 minutes.



Christi said...

Oh boy! Reading your blog always gives me lots to look forward too with my own twin boys! :) bath time is already crazy here, i have one who hates to sit down! Joy.

Julie S. said...

As soon as Brayden had his second birthday last weekend, it was like a switch went off towards the terrible twos! Oh, the tantrums!

Kendra said...

I can only imagine. My cousin I watched was a terror with her two's and she was by herself. Three's weren't too much easier.

Tracy said...

Jen, your blog looks so cute:) Love the new look. When did you change the name? I've been trying to think of a new name since before Zoe was born and I am just waiting for it to come to me!!

I chuckled when you described the hug. Maybe he was just practicing "bear hugs", haha. Little stinkers!

Mitzi G. said...

We hit the terrible 2's a bit ago & the hitting began........not sure why he hits because he always feels bad right after.