Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Great Skunk Hunt of 2011

Last month, Justin and I noticed that our motion lights would go off in our yard at night at random times. Finally, one day, we saw a chubby and adorable little skunk. Then she ran under our shed. Lovely.

We left her alone for a while until we noticed last week that she had some babies who would run along side her.
Cute, no?
What isn't so cute is our fried lawn. That summer sun can be brutal.

The skunks were cute until one of them sprayed Tank last Thursday night while Justin and I were having dinner with friends in the city. We got a call from Mom Mom & Poppy with that fun news. We realized we needed to safely evict them and move them to a much more skunk-friendly area at a park.

The Great Skunk Hunt of 2011 commenced.
We set up two traps in hopes of catching the mom & her babies.

Mom Mom, Nolan, Luke and I watched from the safety of our kitchen. The boys were VERY into the skunk hunt (but not as much as Mom Mom & I)!

Justin and Poppy were face to face with their captive.

How do we get this tarp on her without her spraying us?!
I love that Justin's wearing my cleaning gloves and Poppy is carring my boys' dollar store rakes.
They finally got the tarp over her and she was safely taken to the park. Her babies followed this morning.
When Luke woke up on Monday morning, he asked me, "gunks?"
He must have really liked the morning entertainment!


Holly said...

oh no! Skunks are not a fun problem!