Thursday, June 23, 2011

Our Special Birthday Surprise for the Boys

I may not have had the boys birthday party planned ahead of time, but Justin & I were WAY ahead of the game when it came to Luke & Nolan's 2nd birthday present.

We knew that we wanted to build them a Thomas the Tank Engine table and fill the table with tracks & engines that our boys love since they enjoy playing with the one in Barnes & Noble.
Justin & Mom Mom's Hand-Made Thomas the Tank Engine Table

I bought the tracks and engines very early (February!) and Justin began working on the table the first week in June. Not only is he incredibly smart, but he's extremely handy and creative too! (just bragging about my man for a bit)

We did this on the down-low....after the boys went to bed at night!

After he was finished with the table, he took it over to Mom Mom's house so that she could put the finishing touches on it. Mom Mom is a very talented artist and an amazing painter. She doesn't typically paint trains (let alone one on a table), but she did a remarkable job!

You can really tell that a lot of love went into their gift.

Next up...showing the boys!


Pyjammy Pam said...

oh wow, that is amazing!

B. said...

What an incredible present! Your family is so creative. Awesome.

Krystle said...

I am seriously impressed! What a treausre! Happy Birthday boys!

Also, thank you for your last comment. I am in 100% agreement with you. If you have any specfic me :)

carO__ said...

On your most recent post I though you had purchased the table then I saw you guys made it and could not believe it! It looks wonderful!

I've been following your blog for months and months and its so sweet to see the boys growing up. I love the kissy picture with their birthday cake!

Enjoy the trains!

Beth M said...

Wow! Where did you end up buying your tracks & engines? It looks great!!

Mitzi G. said...

WOW; that is amazing & they both did such a good job!!