Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's officially summer time!

I am a week late posting this, but I want to note it nonetheless. It was very hot around here last week. I'm talking 98 degrees last Thursday which was the day we took the boys to Mom Mom & Poppy's house for a swim after work.

Mom Mom bought these nifty little flotation swim suits. My boys looked like mini Europeans with their tight, short bottoms!


They both loved the water!

They eventually realized that climbing up the ladder onto the deck and jumping into someone's arms was even more fun than just floating around!


I don't have any pictures of the pool jumping because I was too busy trying to patrol Nolan who showed no fear when it came to jumping into the water. He wouldn't even wait for you to get into place to catch him. His feet hit the deck and he took off running and jumping!


Dee said...

So super cute! I looooove summer! Thankfully my kids are all about some water too!

CJ said...

Do those body suits really hold them up? Like if you let them go will they stay above water? My Preston thinks he can swim and wanted to get him that, or they arm floaties, but I haven't seen them in action. Can you comment back on my blog please? Thanks!