Monday, June 20, 2011

Handsome Lukie

My little dude is stylin' and profilin' after his haircut.
Luke takes his man-scaping very seriously as you can tell by his Zoolander face.

Luckily, Justin needed to go in for a haircut at the same time Luke was in desperate need for one.

One more chore to check off the list before the big birthday celebration!

The ladies at the shop were very impressed with my little guy's behavior. He sat like a good boy while daddy had his hair cut and when it was Luke's turn, he sat in the chair and didn't flinch while Tammy cut his hair!

My sweet Luke. My little firecracker. My little love.

Luke still loves to chase and be chased. When I find him upset, all I need to do is get down on the floor and chase him around the kitchen island. It instantly lifts his spirits!

He loves to stack mega blocks.

He likes to line things up or group them together. We were at his cousin's birthday party this past weekend and he took all of her chairs and little tables and rearranged them! He then led me over to her little picnic table and asked me to move it because it was too heavy for him to do it himself.

I find him dancing to music a few times a day.

He doesn't really have a 'favorite' toy - he likes them all! If I had to guess, I'd say his tricycle might be his favorite. He can't actually ride it yet though; he just pushes himself along.

He gives the best kisses -- when you can get him to give you one. If he doesn't want to, there is absolutely no forcing him! On Saturday morning, the boys climbed into our bed with us and Luke took it upon himself to kiss daddy, then me, then daddy, then me again. Over and over. We were both laughing because it was so sweet!

I love my little peanut.