Friday, May 13, 2011

Sick, but having fun.

Nolan has a little cold which threw a wrench in our plans to have my friend, Tricia and her twins, Sammie and Charlie over for a play date! Neither of the boys has had a cold in about 5 months which is fantastic, but I was really looking forward to holding those little cuties this morning!

Last night, Mom Mom came over to play with Nolan and Luke while Justin and I went to pick up a little sliding board & swing set from our other twin friends, Ben and Nora (and of course their parents, Tim and Kristine!). They had gotten too big for the set and graciously offered it to my boys. When we walked through the door last night with their new toy, their faces lit up! Something new to climb on!
Nolan enjoys manning the captain's spot and sitting by the steering wheel with his legs dangling down and Luke loves to plop himself on the swing! Works out perfectly!
There is a small carnival in our neighborhood that ends tonight and if my little guys are feeling up to it, I think we may take them over for some funnel cake and a ride or two.