Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Shopping with Toddlers

I don't know when it happened, but my boys don't like to go shopping. Actually, I don’t think it’s the “shopping” so much as they don’t enjoy being trapped in a cart or stroller.

It’s completely natural for their age, but shopping needs to be done!

We have tried many different approaches. My favorite was about two weeks ago when Justin & I needed to get something from Kohls. I had the genius idea to suggest we take the boys into the store and hold their hands because taking a double stroller in Kohls is annoying. There isn’t enough spaces between the racks!

That was a joke. I knew that if we put them into the stroller, they’d immediately go all stiff and fight us. There’s just something about that dead weight and your child doing everything in his power to NOT have his legs go into his stroller that makes me crazy.

We lasted about 4 minutes in Kohls before we left. They weren’t bad, they just didn’t want to hold our hands (and take everything off the shelves). You can forget about getting a cart with a child seat in there – there are only about 3 of them. I have never managed to get my hands on one.

I met my friend Lisa (Aunt La La) at the mall last week. I fought hard to get Nolan into the stroller. We lasted about 20 minutes before the crying got to me so I put on their backpack “leashes” so that they could have a little freedom and I could have some control over them. Forget it. They wanted nothing to do with them. Luke actually swatted at the leash a few times. We went home in under an hour.

I've come to the conclusion that solo shopping trips (one mommy / two boys) to the mall will no longer happen.

When they aren't shopping, they love to spend time outside. We are in and out all day long when it isn't raining!!

Luke discovered "wishies."

Aunt Danielle & Luke.


CJ said...

Luckily, mine will last a little longer than that for some reason. They are alittle over 2 and I can usually go to the mall for a while, but If i stop too long in one place they get anzy and starting saying "All Done" and trying to raise up. I found that a big cookie from the Cookie store in the mall is a big help! :)

Lisa said...

Amen! Shopping with 1 toddler is hard enough...I cant imagine 2!