Friday, May 6, 2011

Jumping for Joy

Nolan and Luke received a jump-o-lene from Grandmom & Grandpop Ohio for Christmas. It has quickly become their favorite toy! They love bouncing, but if you add some balls to the pit - it's even more fun!!

Daddy and Aunt Chica are so much fun to play with!!
Mommy joined in on the fun too!


Naturally, Uncle Eric had to hop in for a little time with his favorite boys.
Handsome daddy.

This weekend is Mother's Day Weekend!! A weekend to celebrate meeeeeeeeeeeee!

Justin joked that of course I would turn one day into an entire weekend, but it's just what I do.

Happy Mother's Day to all my mommy friends!


carO__ said...

Where did you get this??? My son is 2 and woudld love this! Have you gotten much use out of it after the first week's excitement? His Grammy's house has a big/old traditional trampoline and it's a death trap waiting to send him flying off into the bushes. I would feel much safer with this!