Monday, May 16, 2011

Date Night -- Sugarland Concert

A couple of months ago, Justin sent me an e-mail while we were both working asking me if we had any plans for May 14th. Miraculously, nothing was on the agenda! About 20 minutes went by when I received another email letting me know that he was taking me to the Sugarland concert!

He is not a country music fan, so it meant a great deal to me that he wanted to take me to see a band that I enjoyed. I am a new country music fan. I began listening after the boys were born because I felt like most pop music was just a little too "mature" for their little ears.

So May 14th rolled around and both boys were sick. I felt very bad all day leading up to the time when I would have to leave them. Aunt Chica and Uncle Eric came to babysit and the second they walked through the door, all my worries left. My boys LOVE their aunt and uncle so much!

Justin and I joined his parents at Miller's Ale House for dinner. We had a great time and delicious dinner!

Aunt Chica sent me this picture while I was at dinner.

We arrived at the concert and had a BLAST!!!
Little Big Town was amazing.
And I loved Sugarland!!

Justin admitted that it was a great concert and he enjoyed the music! I have to say, they put on an entertaining show! Brad Paisley is coming in September, so hopefully we'll get to see him then.

When we got home later that night, Melissa told me that the boys went down at 7:30 and didn't make a peep after that! When we woke on Sunday morning, I could tell that they were feeling much better. Thank goodness!!


Lisa said...

How fun! You guys are the cutest couple ever, and the boys are just dolls!

An Irish Italian Blessing said...

That sounds like such an awesome date! I am so jealous you got to see Sugarland, I absolutely love them but tickets here cost a fortune so until then, I'll just listen to my cd's. Glad you guys had fun and your hair looked beautiful!