Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hey Buttercup

After my last ski trip, I announced to Justin that I was officially 'over' the snow and completely ready for the warm weather. I had quite a while to wait, but Monday was like an answer to my prayers:

82 degrees + no work + happy boys = priceless.

After L&N's nap, I wrangled the little guys into my truck and we headed to Pennypack Park to meet my mom for a walk. I brought along the wagon but barely used it to pull my boys. It was a good luggage & drink cart though.

Grammie & Luke
There were some geese hanging out in the creek, so the boys tossed them some tortilla chips. I think that after the long winter, the geese were very happy to have some chips! The boys were very happy to share.
After a while, we continued on and Nolan decided to pull Luke around.
Little buttercup flowers were all over! It is such a shame that this weather was a complete fluke and it won't be like this for a couple more months!

Notice Luke's stick? He's still amazed by them. He'd pick up two sticks, examine them, then put one down until he found another. Then he repeated the process.
There were lots of dogs and bikers on the trail. Nolan alerted us all to passing bikers. "Biiiike," he would shout!
Mommy & Grammie were very brave and walked the boys down a steep hill so that they could play with the rocks. Luke, without hesitation, marched straight into the creek as soon as his feet hit the ground. No fear whatsoever.

He wouldn't ven look at me when he was playing with the rocks.

The concentration was amazing to me!!
This is Luke leading Nolan back to the creek's edge because he had wandered away. I'm telling you, he took the rock-throwing VERY seriously.
We had a really nice afternoon. The leaves are starting to bud on the trees. Little flowers are popping up everywhere and (sometimes) we're able to sleep with the windows open. I'm loving this time of year!


Mitzi G. said...

Looks like a perfect afternoon for the boys & they are so cute holding hands!!!

Jennifer said...

Oh I love the pics of these two cuties by the water. What is it about boys and sticks or rocks?? My nephew is obsessed with them too. I don't think it ever changes. :)

J. Dormer said...

Your boys are so stinkin cute and gosh they're growing up fast!