Saturday, April 9, 2011

Christmas in March

Last week, Grandmom, Grandpop, Uncle Zach and Uncle Josh came into town for a short visit and we were finally able to celebrate Christmas!
The Weeble tree house and Castle are probably the boys' new favorite toys!
Grandmom gave Nolan a helping hand!

Luke had fun hopping on his bouncy ball.
Uncle Josh got a kick out of it too!
Luke had a very intense conversation with Grandpop.
As always, Nolan and Luke were loving Uncle Josh!
There was a Weeble explosion!!

We had a nice day and I was upset when they had to leave. This was also the day that Justin and I had to drop off all of our kids' consignment sale items. This was my first year participating as a consignor and I really didn't realize how much went into gathering everything; entering the items and prices into the website; printing tags and clipping them to everything. It was a lot of work!