Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits

Nolan and Luke are almost 21 months old now and they are such a joy to be around. They're very well-behaved for being almost two (in my humble opinion) and are extremely cuddly and loveable. I love this stage of their development because they are like little sponges soaking up everything we say and do.

  • When we take a car ride, the boys like to watch a video on my SUV's DVD player. As I lift each boy into his car seat, he'll point to the little TV screen and say "Moo-ee" (movie). We are currently on a Barney kick. The moment I hit play, they yell "Baa-ee" (Barney) in delight. The sound of Barney's voice can sometimes make me cringe, but my boys love the songs!
  • "Choo-Choos" are still their favorite things to play with and talk about. They love to bring their books over to daddy or I and point out the choo-choos in them.
  • They love to take our hands and lead us around the house pointing at different objects. Daddy and I tell them what they're pointing to or we will tell them the color of what they're pointing at.

  • They count the steps as they walk upstairs. I had no idea that Grammie was teaching them this little trick until one random day when I was walking with Luke up the stairs. "One, two, three," he said out loud as he ascended the steps. It was a surprise to me, but definitely a good one!
  • Every time we are out and about running errands, the boys (Luke especially) loves to wave to people and say, "hi." They will also say "bye, bye," as we walk away from people.
  • Both boys love to bring different things over to us and tell them who they belong to. "Mommy," they say as they give me my blackberry. "Daddy," as they give me his watch. "Loo," (Luke), Nolan will say as he gives me Luke's slippers.
  • They are both definitely 'Daddy's Boys.' It is so heart-warming for me to see one of my sons climb into their daddy's lap and sit with him and watch a movie or read a book.
  • The boys are so 'helpful' and love to throw things into the trash can for me. They help me dust and vacuum. I hope their helpfulness continues when they get older!
  • The potty chair sits in the bathroom for whenever they are ready to use it. They haven't gone beyond just sitting on the potty and saying "pee pee" over and over again. I sit them on their potty before they get into the bath at night, but I just don't feel like they are ready to be potty trained yet. All in due time!
I wish I could put into words how happy I am with my little loves. I feel like the word 'happy' just doesn't do it justice. They are my everything. I see myself in them. I see my husband in them. I see our families in them. They are an amazing blessing and I thank God for them every single day.