Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day


This was our second Valentine's Day together, and it was so different from our first:

1. You are able to walk.
2. You can (sort of) speak.
3. You knew how to open your Valentine's Day gifts.
4. We were able to go outside and play.

We woke up and kissed daddy goodbye because he had to work. It was just us three. We played around the house until it was time for your nap.



After you woke, we ate lunch then hopped in the wagon to visit the park. We made a pit-stop at Mabel's house for about a half hour. We always love visiting with her!

It was a very windy, but warm-ish day. We are outdoor people and a little bit of wind never scared us off! Off to the playground we went. The good thing about it being the winter time is that there was nobody at the play ground - just us!


We came home, had some snacks and milk and took an early bath because I knew daddy was planning to come home and make us homemade lobster ravioli.

Nolan, you hopped into the bath with your clothes (and diaper) on while I was undressing Luke. I guess you couldn't wait to be clean!
You opened your Valentine's Day gifts.

We had a delicious dinner that daddy cooked for us.
We snuggled, then went to bed.

Happy Valentine's Day, my little loves.



An Irish Italian Blessing said...

The Mommy's Monster shirts are too cute!

Lisa said...

I cant believe how big they are getting!!

Mrs. W said...

they are so cute!!! I literally laughed out loud at Luke jumping into the tub with his clothes on! Too funny!

Mrs. W said...

sorry I meant Nolan!

Mitzi G. said...

They are adorable as ever......the bathtub shot is priceless!!