Monday, February 7, 2011

Stupid Bowl, I mean, Super Bowl

Last week, our dishwasher died. It was the only appliance we didn't replace when we remodeled our kitchen, so we all knew that it wouldn't last forever, but it was still very unexpected. My extremely talented husband installed a new stainless steel model that Luke and Nolan just love, apparently. They are both obsessed with the new buttons. So much energy has gone into pulling them away from the dishwasher for the past 3 days!

On Saturday, my mom and I joined Mabel and Angie for the Sex and the City bus tour in NYC. We had a fabulous time despite the fact that it was a rainy day. Justin took the boys to Mom Mom & Poppy's house to celebrate Poppy's birthday! All three of my men had a fun time and I sure did miss them by the time I got home that night!

Sunday was Super Bowl Sunday and since the Eagles weren't playing (yet again), I wasn't terribly interested in the game. Mom Mom & Poppy came over for the game, but earlier in the morning, Justin and I had a lot of fun with our little guys! I was cleaning the kitchen after breakfast and walked in on this:

My handsome husband reading to my boys.
That is, in fact, a washcloth on Luke's head. I used it to clean their hands and faces after breakfast and Luke took it upon himself to turn it into a hat. He walked around with it on his head for almost an hour.

Luke has had a big-time word explosion over the past week!! It's wonderful to hear him talk more and, along with his word explosion, he has become more cuddly and affectionate! He loves to curl up on my lap and hug and kiss me. I don't mind one.single.bit!


Angie said...

too cute! If you wanted him to wear a hat, he would probably have it off in 2 seconds, LOL

Mitzi G. said...

What an amazing scene to walk in on!!

B loves buttons in anything & every thing in the kitchen too; thankfully the oven locks & I wish our dishwasher did too. I keep thinking I was running the dishwasher on wash but I am just rinsing them off & have to run it again almost every time :)