Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hockey Players

Justin plays ice hockey and from the moment we found out that I was expecting sons, he has been talking about putting our boys in skates and getting them out on the ice.

He has dreams of playing hockey and whiffle ball with Luke and Nolan!

Grammie brought the boys their first sets of hockey sticks and pucks. I think Justin was more excited about it than they were, but the three of them have been practicing face-offs since yesterday!

Luke is taking a break.
Taking a break with Daddy.


Once Upon A Time said...

Luke really LOOKS like a hockey player! :) (I had to show my husband, a huge hockey fan, your pictures)

melissa78 said...


Mrs. W said...

So cute! My husband is the same way. He's been talking about playing hockey with our son since he was mere minutes old-haha!

Mitzi G. said...

That is too cute; Lance wants B to play football but his PaPa is hoping for golf & B already has his first "real" putter!!