Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More Snow

I was lucky this year - snow fell on my birthday. As a kid, I never liked having a January birthday because you couldn't have a pool party to celebrate. The way mother nature makes it up to me is by making it snow. I love it!

I had a photography class Saturday morning so by the time I returned home later that afternoon, Luke and Nolan were very interested in what was going on outside. There was only a couple inches of snow, but Daddy went out to clear our walkway and they were intrigued.

Standing at the door.

Look at those hand prints. It's no wonder I have to clean that door every other day!


Laura said...

LOVE these photos! Too cute.

Sulli said...

Oh my gosh, the pictures of the boy's at the window are priceless. What an amazing moment. And, Happy Late Birthday!!!

Mitzi G. said...

They just wanted to go out & help daddy!!

Cuz I'm the mama! said...

I just completely gave up on cleaning the door! Your boys are so cute!!

Mrs.F said...

Your photos look great! I've been wanting to take a photography class for over a year now & have yet to set it up. You've motivated me :)