Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dropping the afternoon nap

Since I became a mom, I have G00gled everything from 'how to make my own baby food' (which never happened) to 'how to get twins to stop biting eachother.' G00gle and I are very well-acquainted.

Yet again, I turned to the search engine when another mom asked me about a month ago, if Luke and Nolan were down to one nap a day yet. I shuddered and said "my boys will hopefully be on two naps a day until they are six!"

I knew that by the time they turned two, they should only nap once a day, but I didn't know how or when to make the transition. I read everything I could about the topic and decided that I would take a cue from them and wait until they let me know that they were ready.

In the meantime, I was enjoying those twice-daily naps. I accomplished a lot of chores while they were napping (sometimes taking a short nap myself).

Well, I guess the boys were ready because this past week, they made the transition all on their own. They started out by not going down for their morning nap - they'd play in their cribs instead! Eventually, they started staying awake longer until they started going down around 11 and sleeping until 2.

We still have some work to do. I'm going to work with them until they go down around noon for a nap.

Bye Bye nail-painting time!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cell Phone Pic Time!

It's cell phone picture time!
First up:
The boys are constantly stealing reading glasses from their grandparents.
Lately, they've been putting them on...
Aren't they the bees knees?!
Last up:
Justin was over Eric's house watching Phillies game while the boys and I stayed home. While I was cleaning up the kitchen after dinner, the boys discovered that they could open the oven drawer.
Don't they have a guilty look about them?

Monday, September 27, 2010

Cousins, Christening & Cloie

We had such a fun-filled weekend! It all started on Friday, which was my first full day home with them for our long weekend. I've said it before: Friday morning is my most favorite morning of the week because it's the first day I'm waking up with them after 3 days of work.

We had a fun day playing together and then Daddy joined us after he was finished with work. We ran a few errands then came home for a jammie party!

We woke up on Saturday in good spirits then headed over to Grammie's house to play with cousin, Ryan who is in from Rhode Island for the big Christening this weekend! Ryan is only 7 months old & weighs as much as Luke!
Luke and Nolan had so much fun playing with him.
They gave him forehead-nuzzles...
and kisses.

On Saturday night, Aunt Christa and Charlie came for a visit. Between bath-time and making dinner, I never snapped one picture! Sometimes I wish that I had my own personal paparazzi to do my picture-taking.
On Sunday morning, we said goodbye to Aunt Christa & Charlie, then we went to Church for Jake's Christening!
Nolan showed off his agility at church.
The happy grandparents!
My brother and his beautiful family (including Jake - the man of honor today!!)

The grandkids!

After church, it was time to head to the boat club for the after-party! Luke and Nolan played with the other children and ran all over the back lawn like they owned it. I had so much fun watching them play with everyone!

Nolan & Aunt Chica doing a little table-top dance.
Pop & the boys were in this very spot a few short months ago for Aunt Danielle's graduation party! This time they were no drums involved!

We can't ever have a picture taken where everyone is looking at the camera!
We finally made it home for a late nap....
and some vacuuming...
until Uncle Eric, Aunt Chica & Cloie came over to play!

They always have so much fun with her!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Chicken Wings

I baked some chicken wings the other night and Luke and Nolan thought they were delicious! They couldn't get enough of them!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

15 Months

Would you look at those cute little faces? I just can't get enough of them!
I managed to take Luke and Nolan's 15 month chair picture on time this month. Bonus points for mom! I believe I managed to snap three pictures of the boys actually sitting in their chair. The rest of the pictures show the boys standing, leaning over the side and climbing off the chair.
The boys are getting over a cold which caused some not-so-fun sleep disturbances over the weekend, but they are getting better by the day.
There haven't been too many new developments this past month other than the boys trying to repeat words that they hear.

They do such cute things that just melt my heart!

  • They brush their hair with mommy's brush. Speaking of brushes, we had to put child locks on our bathroom cabinets because the boys attack hoard hair products - hair spray, spray gel, mousse...they love to play with it.
  • They love to "brush" their teeth. If they see me brushing my teeth, they scream until I give them their own toothbrushes. Hopefully they keep this up!
  • They sweep the floor with the broom.
  • When I say "where's your nose?" they point to their head. It's so sweet!
  • They dance along to Barney. It's the only show that really gets them dancing! They ignore the talking parts, but when that big purple dinosaur starts to sing, their faces light up and the booty-shaking commences.

I could go on and on with the cute things that they do, but I'll spare you because writing about Barney reminded me to buy some sing-along videos for the boys.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dinner with Grammie & Aunt Danielle

mommy phone pic!

Grammie, Aunt Danielle & I took the boys to Ruby Tuesday for dinner last night. I was, once again, reminded why we don't do this very often.

Everything that was given to them as a distraction before their dinner was brought out was thrown onto the floor. I spent half of my time under the table picking up discarded toys, coasters, straws, etc. Thankfully they didn't cry at all, but they were a little loud (as are all children their age).

As usual, we had a lot of people stop by our table to talk to us. People love to share their twin stories - it's so sweet! The boys ham it up for their new friends too!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Harry Potter Trip

I haven't been keeping up with my log lately because I have been rather busy. After Labor Day, I had a day of work then spent a Wednesday full of little boy cuddles because I would be leaving them early on Thursday morning for a 3 night trip to Florida!

I had mothers-guilt about leaving the boys, but looking back, there was absolutely nothing to worry about. They didn't forget about me! Mom Mom and Poppy stayed at our house with them until we got back home on Sunday. They had a great time at the playground, visiting family and playing around the house. I was told that they were on their best behavior (good job, guys!!).

Justin and I, on the other hand, had a great time with our friends in Florida. The sole reason for the trip was to visit Harry Potter Land at Islands of Adventure. I am a hardcore Harry Potter fan and have been wanting to visit the park since before it was finished being built!

I wasn't disappointed - we had a fantastic time!

My first glimpse at Hogsmeade!

We had some delicious butterbeer!

When Justin and I couldn't get home fast enough on Sunday. When we walked through the door and saw our little guys, our hearts melted! I spent a good 20 minutes kissing their cheeks.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

On Friday, Justin was working while the boys and I cleaned out the cupboard. They were a big help!

Then it was time to take their 14 month picture (2 weeks late!).

Saturday was a quiet day with just the four of us. We took the boys to Indian Walk with the intentions of letting them ride the rides, but the only one that was open was the carousel which the boys weren't terribly enthusiastic about.

We took a short ride to Tyler State Park and enjoyed the GORGEOUS weather. Luke and Nolan took their love of playing with sticks to a whole new level.

Dirt, bugs, grass, flowers, rocks...they boys were in heaven!

I had the genius idea of wandering down to the creek. The minute their feet hit the rocks, Luke ran for the water. After repeated attempts to lure him away from the water, he finally noticed the rocks, which were immediately inserted into his mouth. EVERYTHING goes into his mouth. Time to leave the creek!

They were pretty tuckered-out after our afternoon of fun. Time to go home and make fondue!!