Wednesday, June 30, 2010

pillow talk

Justin and I were lying in bed last night talking about our day.

He said, "I was playing with the boys and their little football earlier today and they were both so happy. Nolan would laugh and put his arms around me. I can't believe they aren't going to be like this forever."

"I know," I said. "I get pretty sad when I think about them growing up. We won't ever get this time back. We need to really take the time and enjoy it."

"That must be why people keep having children," he said.

It must be.

We haven't gotten past the 'talking' stage. That is, talking about expanding our family.

It has been on my mind a lot lately, but just like every other person out there who might be thinking about the same thing, there are so many factors to take into account. It isn't something we take lightly.

In the meantime, I am going to continue loving my 3 men. Summer vacation is in a week and a half and I am pretty excited about getting L&N on the beach!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Pool & Party

We had another fun weekend with the boys. People keep telling me that as they get older, they will get more & more fun, but I can't imagine them being more fun then they are now.
Mom Mom & Poppy had the boys over for a sleep-over on Friday night so that Justin and I could go out to dinner with Rick & Brenda. When we went over to see the boys on Saturday, they were well-rested & ready for some fun in the pool!!!

Later in the afternoon, we headed out to cousin, TJ's high school graduation. There aren't many pictures from the party because we kept busy trying to contain the little guys!! Now I know why people buy those backpack leashes for their children! They no longer walk...they can run too and my goodness are they FAST!We had a hard time keeping them away from the recycle bin. They love empty water bottles!They also liked the beer cooler. Like father, like sons!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How we spent our Birthday - from Luke & Nolan

Hey Everyone,

This is Luke & Nolan. We're one now and we had a fun birthday!!
Mommy & daddy took us to the Adventure Aquarium which was SO much fun! We loved looking at the fish!
We even got to touch baby sting rays, but we enjoyed splashing the water everywhere more than anything.
Daddy loves to feed us cheese - he's so silly!
The penguins weren't very exciting. They mostly just stood there.
But mommy made us watch them anyway because she likes penguins. Mommy pushed our stroller up a bumpy ramp for this rainforest picture. There was so much going on so we can't be bothered with looking at the camera!
Look, it's Nemo!
We really liked the sharks - especially the shark tube!!!
This hippo was so cool!
He came right up to the glass!!

These jellyfish are awesome!!
Mommy thought it would be nice for us to stand outside & have our pictures taken with the city skyline behind us...
but we had other plans.
We can't be contained!!!
You can't take a nice picture, mommy!!! We want to run!

Later that day, we went home & Mom Mom, Poppy & Grammie came over to sing "Happy Birthday" to us!

We had a very fun day and we love mommy & daddy very much!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday, Luke & Nolan!

Happy Birthday Luke and Nolan!!
I will refrain from mommy-gushing about how amazing the both of you are and how awesome this past year has been. I’ve done enough of that in the past and I don’t want the two of you to get too full of yourselves!

Twelve months ago I was a new mommy trying perform tasks that were completely new to me. Now I am like an old pro! I don’t even bat an eye when I need to give you both a bath or take you to the pediatrician’s office for shots. I know the difference between your hungry cries & your hurt cries (which always breaks my heart). I can get you both fed, dressed & out the door without breaking a sweat. Okay, that last part is an exaggeration – sometimes I do sweat.
This picture was taken the day before I had you both.
The following night, you were born & you got to meet on the outside...

June 22, 2009 started out like one of my typical late-pregnancy, bed rest days - except for the fact that I had a NST that morning. You both passed the test with flying colors & I was sent home to put my feet up & eat hot fudge sundaes.

I lasted until 9:10 p.m. - that's when my water broke. I was scared, but excited to finally meet you! I hope you were just as excited to meet me & daddy. I was sent to the OR, given a spinal & then daddy was brought into the room. We focused on one another as Nolan was born at 11:38 p.m. I heard you cry and that's when my tears started. Daddy and I were still focused on eachother as Luke was born at 11:39. Your cries took a little longer to come, but when it did, it was sweet relief.

I was so proud to take you home and introduce you to our family and friends. In the coming months, you grew stronger and got louder. You drank more and more formula - I was making & washing bottles all day long! When you started to notice & play with eachother around 7 months was when it got really fun for us!! You are both very entertaining!! Daddy & I were just saying how much we love watching you play together. We were in the backyard last night & Luke was sitting his cozy coupe. Nolan, you decided that you wanted to play in the car with your brother, so you climbed in and sat on his lap. You both made us laugh!

Happy Birthday my sweet boys. I hope that the next year brings you much happiness and love. I have lots planned for this year and can't wait to share it all with you both!

xo, Mommy

Monday, June 21, 2010

Luke & Nolan's First Birthday Party

This past Saturday was the big day -- we celebrated Luke and Nolan's upcoming birthday with a party!

I do love planning parties, but this one was a little bittersweet. They aren't 'babies' any more. A lot of love and time went into planning their Ocean ONEderland party. It all started with their invitation and I planned everything around that. I made a DVD of the boys' first year that played during the party. The DVD took me a couple of months to make because weeding through 11+ months of pictures and selecting which ones to use takes quite a bit of time! We ended up with a 15 minute DVD detailing their year accompanied by music.

Next up was the birthday banner. I found some that I liked on Etsy, but they were expensive in my opinion, so I broke down and made one myself.
I took some of the craft paper I used to make the banners to make fish decals which were placed all over the house. Credit has to go to Justin for drawing the original fish because mine turned out terribly!I used leftover craft paper to make a few banners.
I made favors for the kids which I never took a picture of. They were beach buckets & shovels filled with goodies.

Aunt Chica & Aunt Danielle slept over on Friday night so that when we woke on Saturday morning, the boys had someone to entertain them while Justin & I got everything ready for the party.
Aunt Christa & Nolan (who is staring at his new Cozy Coupe!)
Nolan & Luke got personalized Cozy Coupes from Mom Mom & Poppy.
They love climbing in & out!
Emma & Luke enjoyed playing in the new playhouse from Grammie & Grandpop!
We love our family & friends!!

Why is everyone singing at me???
Grammie made little smash cakes for the boys!
They obviously liked them!!

He can't be bothered with using his hands.

Time to open gifts!

Jake, this is how this works...okay?

Here is grandpop encouraging the boys to play with the dog door!

It was a fun day for us all. We can't thank our family and friends enough for all of their love for the past year. The boys had a great time (and were tuckered out that night!!). Although they won't remember the day, they will look back at pictures & video and they will feel all of the love from the people who helped make their birthday party so special!