Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Running On Empty

I took this photo of Luke sleeping yesterday afternoon. He wasn't feeling well, but didn't want to be left alone in his nursery for a nap, so I laid him in the basket next to me so that I could play with Nolan. Luke watched his brother and I play until his eyes closed.
He looked so peaceful, it melted my heart.
Luke has come down with a cold and if there's anything I remember very clearly from their previous cold in December, it's that my boys need to be held upright when they aren't feeling well. They don't like to be propped upright with a blanket under their mattress, so into mommy's arms it is. If I do manage to get Luke to sleep and put him in the pack n play I have set up next to our bed (just while he's sick), he wakes up screaming after about 30 minutes . He then needs to be picked up and rocked before calming down. Justin and I haven't gotten much sleep the past two nights, but it comes with the territory. We're basically running on empty at the moment which wouldn't be so bad if we didn't have two very active and mobile little boys to chase after.

Despite the cold that Luke has and the constant sneezing that will inevitably turn into a cold for Nolan, they are both still crawling around our house at high-speed. I don't know if it can be called separation anxiety or what, but they're at the stage where they cry if they see me leave the room. Usually I will just talk to them from where I am and encourage them to follow me. Sometimes they do and other times something will distract them and they'll stop whining.

We aren't completely baby-proofed yet, but we're getting there. On our third floor, where our bedrooms are, is a brand new gate blocking the boys from the stairs. I used to keep them in one of the rooms with me with the door shut, but now I feel safer knowing that if I travel from one room to the next, they can follow without any incident. When I'm in the kitchen, they always follow. They just love it in there! Pulling themselves up on our cabinets and drawers seems to be a hobby that they both enjoy. We bought some drawer latches this past weekend, but haven't installed them yet because we've been pretty busy with keeping them happy while they're fighting the cold.

Hopefully tonight will bring us a few straight hours of rest. I'm going to say extra prayers tonight that the little guys are feeling better by Friday because we have such gorgeous weather heading our way!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Early Easter Gift

The Easter Bunny came a little early to Grammy and Grandpa's house and left a wagon for Luke and Nolan (and Tank) to enjoy!

Luke & Tank = best friends
Daddy got to take the boys for their first test-drive.
We're having fun!!
Grammy's turn to take them for a ride! Nolan

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Play Date

I was looking forward to this past Saturday for weeks! The boys had their first play date with their friends, Kevin (2), Nick (5 months) & Gabriella (13 months). I loved swapping stories with Maureen and Janeen while the little ones played together.

Nolan followed Kevin around trying to play with whatever he had in his hands. Eventually Kevin had to climb up onto the couch to escape my little guy! Luke loved Gabriella's pigtails and we had to remind him a few times to be gentle and not pull little girl's hair. He was genuinely fascinated though!

We are all looking forward to the next one!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another Bad Portrait Studio Experience

These up top, are my photos. Bottom are "S"
Last Friday we went to a photo studio, which shall remain nameless, but it begins with an "S," and needless to say, I was once again unhappy with the whole experience.

I had heard good things about this particular studio because my cousin takes her daughter there and the pictures always turn out lovely. In all fairness, this studio was far cleaner & larger than the previous "S" Studios that I went to, but the photographer was sloppy & we felt rushed...again.

When I called to make the appointment, I informed them that there were 2 subjects & that they were 9 months old. Nobody ever told me that we are only allotted 15 minutes of picture time. I would have booked two separate slots just to have a full half hour to try and get some good shots!

We arrived at the studio, happy babies in tow, then were led to our room. It took about 5 minutes for the photographer to set up the background (which ate up a nice chunk of our studio time!!), then we were ready for pictures.

You try keeping two 9 month old boys sitting together in a new room. They wanted nothing to do with sitting still; there was too much to explore! This is when the photographer told me, "you know, we can't keep taking shots of just the two of them because you're only allowed 15 minutes & I have 4 other poses to do." Um, okay.

We tried the single poses and it was a little better because we were able to keep just the one baby seated for long enough to snap a picture. By this point, I was fed up and knew that I'd be going home and taking my OWN pictures of the boys because all of the shots they were showing me were not that great.

When we arrived home, I was happy to see that my seamless paper had arrived in the mail, so I set it up, plopped the boys on it and snapped away. They didn't turn out as nice as I would have hoped, but I need practice, plus it was a strange time in the day and the natural light wasn't that great in my house. Plus I still don't know how to shoot in manual.

Below are the "professional" pictures. They're nice enough, but not that great. Up top are the shots I took of the boys that are put it together in a collage. The white balance isn't that great, but like I said, I'm still learning the basics of shooting with a DSLR.

I planned on going back for their one year portraits, but I think I may try another studio. That is, unless I learn how to use my camera properly!

Nolan looking very confused at the photographer...

I'm smiling at mommy who is singing the ice cream song to me. The photographer keeps making a high-pitched buzzing noise at me, which I find strange.

Luke wanted NOTHING to do with this girl.
I'm not smiling for you, weird photographer-lady, who keeps talking to me loudly like I'm hard of hearing. Seriously, why do they screech & yell at the babies. Do they think that makes them want to smile?

The End of Mommy's Complaining.

Baby Landing

The boys and I arrived home last evening after having dinner at Grammy's house. We got ourselves situated and the boys were playing together very nicely on the living room floor, so I decided to put away their clean laundry.

This task took all of 90 seconds and in that time time, Nolan managed to climb the 2 steps onto the landing of our stairs. There is a small 4 tiered shelf currently residing there that has vases & picture frames on it. You can imagine my surprise when I began descending the steps and noticed my son standing at this shelf playing with a vase.

My good heavens, I nearly fell down the steps! How did he manage to climb 2 steps so quickly?!

We never blocked this area off because neither baby has shown much interest in it, but I am guessing that now we're going to have to something about it.

You can see in this older picture (obviously it's older: I'm pregnant) the landing that I'm talking about. There's a wicker vase thing with sticks in it on the landing. How am I supposed to baby proof that area?! There is no railing on the one side of the stairs, so it's open. 99% of the homes in my neighborhood are set up this way and children grow up just fine in these houses, but HOW do their parents keep them away from the steps?!

Justin & I may have to get creative this weekend...

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I Am Today's Guest Blogger!

How Awesome! I am guest blogging over at The Good-Son Family Journey today!

Please stop on over to Mitzi's blog and check out today's post. It's all about planning the first birthday party. You also have to check out how adorable her son Brayden is! Seriously, it's cuteness overload!

Thanks Mitzi!

Monday, March 22, 2010

9 Months Old Today

Luke & Nolan at the pediatrician's office today.
The paper never stood a chance...
My Dear Boys,

You are both nine months old today and I'm typing this as you rest in your cribs upstairs. You are both such amazing and joyful little boys that bring so much fulfillment and happiness to to our lives. Now that you can both crawl, it's funny to watch you both race to get to the same toy or climb onto the same activity table, just so that you can be together. Moms & Dads of twin babies look forward to the day when their little ones, who are so similar, yet so different, begin to really enjoy each other's company. I love the days when I walk into your nursery and you're both sitting in your cribs, facing another & gabbing. Or when you sit in the floor and stare at each other and laugh for no reason. We want you to know that we're so grateful for all of these moments and the joy and completeness you bring to our family.

Daddy is in Seattle, so Grammy came with me today as I took you for your 9 month well checkup. You sat quietly in the waiting room with other little boys & girls as they came up to you to say hello. Nolan, you were quite flirtatious today, while Luke was a bit more shy. Usually, it's the other way around!

Luke was first up for measurements. He weighed in at 17 lbs 8 oz and is 28 inches long!

Nolan was second weighing in at 20 lbs 12 oz. He is also 28 inches long!

You both were given a clean bill-of-health after you received you shots - Nolan didn't even cry when the nurse pricked his leg!

I haven't had the chance to take you monthly chair picture yet, but perhaps we'll do it later on today.

I love you both,


Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Reason I Haven't Blogged In 5 Days

I feel like a bit of a slack blogger, but for good reason!

My little cubs are growing more and more every day and I just can't get enough of it! Developmentally, this has been a very big week!! Luke has officially started crawling, so I've got two babies who are moving in different directions and it's really keeping me busy. That's no exaggeration!

The weather has also been unseasonably warm, so we have really been taking advantage. We've been outside playing every single day because we can't get enough of the fresh air and sunshine!

On our way to the park. Nolan loves his shades!Luke takes his sunglasses off the second they are on his face!Mommy & Nolan after playing on the swings.
Mom Mom & Poppy came along with us!! They are such lucky little guys!
Daddy is the stroller captain.

Mommy & Luke - doesn't it look like there's crop circles in the background.
Nolan isn't too sure about this rock.
Our happy little family
And that's why I've been a blog-slacker. Who can stay inside on the computer when there's so much fun to be had?!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - St. Patty's Lunch

St. Patty's Day lunch - I'm not Irish, but I am wearing green!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Acting Like A Kid

Bonus for having the boys: I get to play at the playground.
I'm looking forward to the "big kid" jungle gym!

Sunday, March 14, 2010


At a very, very early hour today, Nolan awoke with a little cry. I was the first on the scene and managed to comfort him back to sleep. Twenty minutes later, he was up again and it was daddy's turn to coax him back to sleep. Nolan didn't care, he was up and wanted to play so we left him in his crib with his aquarium and retreated to our bed. More noise-making ensued and when we went back into the nursery to check on him, he was pouting and Luke was sitting up in his crib, eyes wide open.

It's just another one of those nights that happen around here where Justin and I just lay in bed and talk while we try to allow our baby(ies) to self-soothe themselves back into a restful sleep.

After two hours (not kidding) we had had it and caved in. Luke fell back to sleep without any problems, but Nolan just wanted to party. We gave him a bottle which he finished in five minutes then began crying. We all know what this means around here: Nolan wanted Mommy.

People sometimes joke and call a child a "momma's boy," but Nolan genuinely is and I'd be lying if I didn't say that I actually, just a wee bit, secretly love it.

I went back to the nursery, picked my son up and brought him back to my bedroom. We sat in the glider in silence and he moulded himself to the front of me, his head on my chest. I laid my cheek on his impossibly soft hair and breathed him in. I truly wish this would last forever. I've always dreamed of these "moments." I think every mother does. I desperately want to preserve them because I know that they aren't going to last forever.

After 20 minutes of rocking, I gently put Nolan back into his crib where he immediately woke & started screaming. So much for my moment! It was back into the bedroom where I did something I never do: Nolan slept in bed with me. He was as happy as could be and it took him a little while to fall back to sleep, but after smacking my chest with his pudgy hand and looking up at me and laughing, he eventually did. So did I. I love these moments...

Here's the man of the hour demonstrating his cruising, crawling & standing skills.

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hey Jealousy

I am sitting on the floor with my boys. One is twirling my ponytail around his little fingers and babbling happily in my ear. The other is smiling at his brother while playing patty cake with mommy. Our dog is lying at my feet and the birds are chirping on the window sill. All is peaceful and copacetic.

If only.

I may be sitting on the floor with the boys and things may might be peaceful for a while, but the green monster rears its ugly head at some point. You can rest assured that if Luke is playing hide-and-seek with mommy, Nolan wants in on it. If I'm rolling around on the floor with Nolan while Luke is bouncing in the jumperoo, Luke cries until I roll around with him. Then, on cue, Nolan begins to cry because I'm now playing with Luke. You get the point.

The strangest time that they want attention from me is during diaper changes. You wouldn't believe the contortionist act I pull when I'm changing a diaper! I've got to simultaneously change a poopy diaper, wipe and try to prevent that baby from rolling away while his brother is trying to tackle either myself or his brother. Someone almost always ends up crying (including me - just kidding).

I always end up feeling like the bad guy for not being able to give one child undivided attention. They both deserve it, but I am only one person. God did bless me with two arms to hold both boys, but it's not so easy to hold a wobbly 23 pound child while his brother is crying, yanking on my hair and clinging to my back. Believe me, nothing would make me happier than sitting around all day holding my boys, but there is lunch to be made, mass amounts of formula to mix & bottles galore to wash. I can only imagine what moms of triplets go through. God didn't give them three arms.

How do parents of multiples deal with jealousy - especially at such a young age? Is there even an answer to that question? An eight month old can't grasp the concept of sharing toys, let alone sharing mommy, so is the answer just to deal with their tears?

I would love to hear your suggestions or maybe even your experiences with this. Thanks!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Swinging and Swaying

Nolan, Luke & I took a walk to the park yesterday because the weather was just too nice to sit cooped up in the house. It was their first time on the swings, but I think I was more excited about it than they were due to the fact that they were getting ready for their afternoon nap. Nolan practically fell asleep after about 20 minutes of swinging!

This may sound corny, but it's these little moments that I have dreamed about for just about as long as I can remember.

I have many plans for these little guys...

Monday, March 8, 2010

Beautiful & Busy

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After glancing at my Google Reader this morning, I took notice that a there were apparently a lot of consignment sales this past weekend. There was one in my area too that I volunteered for.

I attended the volunteer pre-sale on Friday night. I scored some great toys & clothes for the boys and I also got to meet some great moms. I also won a Sam's Club gift card in a raffle!

After the pre-sale, we went to a local bar & restaurant for Pat's 30th birthday. I think that get so excited to go out with Justin for a night that I don't ever take any pictures! It was an awesome night with friends though and I'm happy that someone joined me for the 30 club!!

On Saturday, the boys & I woke up and joined Grammy, Aunt Danielle & Aunt Melissa for prom dress shopping. We didn't end up getting a prom dress for Aunt Danielle, but we did have a lot of fun in the mall.

Tasting some ice cream - yum!

We met up with Aunt Lin and had lunch at The O.G. (that's Olive Garden for those who aren't down with my lingo) where the boys were very well-behaved. This was my first time taking them out to a restaurant since January when they weren't very well-behaved. Success!

Aunt Melissa feeding Luke Nolan sucking on a bread stick
Good boys - they're getting so big!!

Justin was at a bachelor party on Saturday night, so Nolan, Luke and I played at home together! We woke on Sunday, a little tired, and had our weekly waffle breakfast. Time went by quickly and I went back to the consignment sale for my volunteer shift. While I was away, Mom Mom & Poppy came over to spend time with their little sweeties. Since it was such a beautiful day, they all went for a walk through the neighborhood.

It was a beautiful and busy weekend.