Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A letter to my boys (18 months old)

Dear Nolan and Luke,

My hope is that someday, when I am long-gone, you will have these entries as a reminder of just how much I love the two of you. You truly have made my life complete.

This isn't to say that neither the two of you nor I are perfect, because we aren't. We are, however, perfect for each other.

Every day with you both is an adventure that I do not take for granted. I love the sound of your laughter, I love your soft skin, I love to nuzzle your neck, I love when you try to jump, I love listening to you speak to each other.

I love everything about you.

My sweet Nolan,

You hold up your hands and look perplexed when you notice that something isn’t right. There have been a few times when I’ve pulled into the driveway at night with you in the back seat and if our neighbor’s Christmas lights aren’t on yet, you say “huh” and hold up your hands in question.

You still give me big ‘ol open-mouthed kisses. I love ‘em!

While you still enjoy bath time, you refuse to sit in the tub. This started a couple of weeks ago but I’m not sure why.

The minute your feet hit the floor upstairs, you run to daddy’s closet and pull out his belts. We have tried hiding them from you, but you always end up with one (or two) in your hand.

You are our little milk-aholic and would rather drink your calories than eat them.

You are ready for another haircut already! Your hair grows very quickly like your daddy’s.

You have the BEST walk I’ve ever seen. It’s almost like a sashay!

You are an amazing sleeper. You could sleep uninterrupted for hours and I think you could take 3 to 4 hour naps every day if Luke didn’t wake up first and want to play with you.

My lovable Luke,

You’re beginning to repeat words a little more than you did just a week ago!

You are a little chatterbox whenever we’re in the car! I could turn off the radio and listen to you for hours. I may look like a mad woman to other drivers because I have a permanent smile plastered to my face when you do this.

You know how to pucker your lips and give kisses. It’s sweet, but I miss your baby slobber kisses.

Daddy & I think you just may be a basketball prodigy. I’m just throwing that out there! Putting the basketball in the hoop just came naturally to you and you love when daddy helps you slam dunk!

You like to “give” things to people. It’s so nice of you except that you usually hit them in the face with it. The intent is so sweet though!

You are very generous with Nolan and love to share with him. If you go to pick up your milk cup, you usually pick his up too and hand it to him. I love this!

You still love to dance to music!

You are a wonderful eater and I am amazed by how much you can fit into your little belly.

I hope the next six months go as smoothly as the previous. We have had a lot of fun together! It is a pleasure holding the title of your 'mommy.'

All my love,


Mitzi G. said...

I am in tears!

Mindy Sauer said...

What sweet notes! No dobut, your boys will treasure your words of love and admiration for years to come.

I was amazed after reading your letters how similar your boys are to mine! At 19.5 months, Jack seems so much like Nolan and Ben so much like Luke! Ben is our hugger and LOVES to share with his brother, often handing Jack a toy or drink whenever he is upset. Jack might be dubbed as the "leader" of the two since he kinda does his own thing and yet is very interested in what things are going on around him. Everything is "uh oh." Anything that's out of place, missing, not done yet or if his little hands find/touch something he's not supposed to. So so cute. I LOVE my boys and really enjoy watching them grow!

The past few weeks seemed to have gotten even more interested in our house as the boys' curiosity and assertions of their will have become more transparent. I EARN naptimes and sleeptimes now, more than ever before! :) Ahhh, the life of a mom of twin boys...

Keep up the good work!