Thursday, October 21, 2010

becoming friends

When I was pregnant, I loved reading blogs about other twin families. It would make me so happy to see two babies who spent nine months so closely intertwined in their mom's belly actually playing together and loving each other on the outside.

After Nolan and Luke were born, I placed them in the same crib, on the same boppy or on the same activity mat and waited anxiously for them to interact with each other. I couldn't wait for them to notice one another and become close companions. I always imagined them becoming best friends from the moment they were born.

I didn't realize it would take so long for them to interact and play with one another. It's just another stage of development that I had to wait for them to go through. When they were infants, they would smile at each other or swat at the same toy, but it was nothing compared to the interaction that they currently have as toddlers.

I finally feel like they are friends. They may not always get along perfectly when they play, but they are learning how to play nicely with each other.

The boys love to chase each other and the sounds of their laughter is like music to my ears when they do. Luke especially loves when Nolan is chasing after him. Nolan likes to pick up two toys and give one of them to Luke - even if he doesn't want it!

It's so nice to see them look for each other or give each other a hug or kiss, even when they aren't asked to. It's just becoming more evident that they love one another and I'm loving it in return.


Lisa said...

so sweet!

Sulli said...

Your boys make me jealous that I don't have twins! They really are so sweet together, you are so lucky!

Sarah said...

I totally agree! I love watching my boys interact now. It is totally different now as being toddlers than babies. However, there are the times of pushing and taking away toys. We have a lot of monkey see, monkey doo. :-)