Wednesday, September 1, 2010

keeping busy

As I have said before, being a mom to two 14 month old boys is a lot of work so time for blogging is very limited.
There have been so many new developments. New teeth, new words and more climbing.

Luke, our fearless and independent little man has sprouted two new teeth up top which made him a bit irritable the past week.
Words he can say include: mom, dada, ball & "haaa" (which means "hi").
He has always been our 'good' eater, but has become more & more picky as the days go on.

Nolan, our little lover, hasn't sprouted any new teeth, but still has four up top and three on the bottom.
Words he can say include: mom, dada, pop (for Grandpop), nigh nigh (nighty, night), haaa (hi), baaa (ball).
He is still just as cuddly as ever and loves to give hugs to anyone (animals included) who comes his way.
(Yes, Nolan is chewing on a stick at the park. It's just how we roll.)

We found this great park near our house that we like to visit. Once the weather cools down a bit, I'm sure we'll be spending a lot of time there.
I spend a lot of time in the kitchen and wherever I go, the boys go.
This means pillows & blankets next to the fridge.

Nolan loves to look at the light in the oven when I cook!
We have been playing in the yard every chance we get (again, when it isn't blazing hot out).

If the boys start to grow bored, sometimes I open up the gate in our living room and let them play on our little landing. There are 3 steps that they love to climb up and down.

Bath time!
Who doesn't love that?!

There's always four of us in the bathroom at bath time: Luke, Nolan, myself & Tank!

Nolie trying to grab Tank's tongue!


Kelly said...

Such cute pictures of the boys. I bet you are busy, I can't imagine twins! Kudos to you!

Lisa said...

Little Nolan looks JUST like you!! They're so darn cute!

Amanda-The Nutritionist Reviews said...

Aww twin boys! How precious! Just found your blog through another blog. Have a great night!

Jennifer said...

They are so cute! I wa salso going to tell you how much Nolan looks like you. Wow! Love the pic of him grabbing your dog's tongue.