Monday, September 27, 2010

Cousins, Christening & Cloie

We had such a fun-filled weekend! It all started on Friday, which was my first full day home with them for our long weekend. I've said it before: Friday morning is my most favorite morning of the week because it's the first day I'm waking up with them after 3 days of work.

We had a fun day playing together and then Daddy joined us after he was finished with work. We ran a few errands then came home for a jammie party!

We woke up on Saturday in good spirits then headed over to Grammie's house to play with cousin, Ryan who is in from Rhode Island for the big Christening this weekend! Ryan is only 7 months old & weighs as much as Luke!
Luke and Nolan had so much fun playing with him.
They gave him forehead-nuzzles...
and kisses.

On Saturday night, Aunt Christa and Charlie came for a visit. Between bath-time and making dinner, I never snapped one picture! Sometimes I wish that I had my own personal paparazzi to do my picture-taking.
On Sunday morning, we said goodbye to Aunt Christa & Charlie, then we went to Church for Jake's Christening!
Nolan showed off his agility at church.
The happy grandparents!
My brother and his beautiful family (including Jake - the man of honor today!!)

The grandkids!

After church, it was time to head to the boat club for the after-party! Luke and Nolan played with the other children and ran all over the back lawn like they owned it. I had so much fun watching them play with everyone!

Nolan & Aunt Chica doing a little table-top dance.
Pop & the boys were in this very spot a few short months ago for Aunt Danielle's graduation party! This time they were no drums involved!

We can't ever have a picture taken where everyone is looking at the camera!
We finally made it home for a late nap....
and some vacuuming...
until Uncle Eric, Aunt Chica & Cloie came over to play!

They always have so much fun with her!


Laura said...

Oh my gosh! Cousin Ryan is so big for a 7 month old. He will definitely be a football player. What a CUTIE! :)

Looks like you guys had fun. Love your family photo too! I can't wait to try and get our Christmas one this year. hehe