Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cell Phone Pic Time!

It's cell phone picture time!
First up:
The boys are constantly stealing reading glasses from their grandparents.
Lately, they've been putting them on...
Aren't they the bees knees?!
Last up:
Justin was over Eric's house watching Phillies game while the boys and I stayed home. While I was cleaning up the kitchen after dinner, the boys discovered that they could open the oven drawer.
Don't they have a guilty look about them?


Sulli said...

Just when I think these boys can't get any cuter...THEY DO!!! I love it!

Lisa said...

LOL...Love the glasses, how cute!

Meant to be a mom said...

They are so funny. I love the kitchen shot. Into everything!
How fun :)

Mrs.F said...

Haha love that last pic! That's usually what my kitchen looks like while I'm cooking... cooking utensils & pans everywhere!

Jennifer said...

The definitely have a guilty look about them. :) I love the glasses...too cute!