Wednesday, September 22, 2010

15 Months

Would you look at those cute little faces? I just can't get enough of them!
I managed to take Luke and Nolan's 15 month chair picture on time this month. Bonus points for mom! I believe I managed to snap three pictures of the boys actually sitting in their chair. The rest of the pictures show the boys standing, leaning over the side and climbing off the chair.
The boys are getting over a cold which caused some not-so-fun sleep disturbances over the weekend, but they are getting better by the day.
There haven't been too many new developments this past month other than the boys trying to repeat words that they hear.

They do such cute things that just melt my heart!

  • They brush their hair with mommy's brush. Speaking of brushes, we had to put child locks on our bathroom cabinets because the boys attack hoard hair products - hair spray, spray gel, mousse...they love to play with it.
  • They love to "brush" their teeth. If they see me brushing my teeth, they scream until I give them their own toothbrushes. Hopefully they keep this up!
  • They sweep the floor with the broom.
  • When I say "where's your nose?" they point to their head. It's so sweet!
  • They dance along to Barney. It's the only show that really gets them dancing! They ignore the talking parts, but when that big purple dinosaur starts to sing, their faces light up and the booty-shaking commences.

I could go on and on with the cute things that they do, but I'll spare you because writing about Barney reminded me to buy some sing-along videos for the boys.


Marcia (123 blog) said...

You're a rock star for even getting them in the same frame :)

how do you do it?

I've given up!

They are so, so cute!

snhg1129 said...

They are so adorable!!!! I cannot believe our boys our 15 months old. Ethan was born on the 23rd of June!

Laura said...

So cute! :) Our boys are just getting bigger and bigger!