Wednesday, August 4, 2010

So long, pacifier.

I have a love/hate relationship with my sons' pacifiers. On one hand, they soothe my boys on an as-needed basis, but on the other hand, I like to hear their voices and see their smiles. But when they have a pacifier in their mouth I'm getting neither.

Last week I said to Justin, "I'm going to have these boys off the paci before Christmas." In the coming months, I planned on taking their pacis away during the day & only giving it to them for naps & bed time in hopes that by the time they were 18 months old, they wouldn't rely on it as much as they do now.

The transition happened so quickly, but when I arrived at Grammie's house to pick up the boys on Thursday evening after work, she told me that Luke & Nolan did not use their pacifiers at all that day except for when they took their nap. After nap time, she left the pacifiers in their cribs and they didn't seem too bothered by it.

We went home after that & did our usual nightly routine without the paci, but then I did give it to them when it was time for bed.

The following morning, I left the pacis in their cribs. We went about our day: we had a play date, went to the mall & played around at home and they didn't seem to miss the paci at all!

On Saturday morning, before breakfast, I did notice Nolan sucking his cheeks in like he was sucking on a paci, but he didn't whine for it. I just made sure to play with them a little extra when they seemed to be getting tired or cranky.

We are now on Day 6 and they are only using the pacifier at bed time and during their naps. I have noticed extra whining that I wasn't hearing before, but in all honesty, I would rather hear that than see them walking around with their pacifier in their mouth. I'm glad that we waited until they were 13 months to take them away beacuse I think that if we did it when they were younger, it would have been problematic. They really needed that pacifier in the evenings because they were just so tired & cranky and it was the main thing that soothed them (that plus being in mommy or daddy's arms!)

So long, pacifiers!


Rebecca said...

Good for you!!!! You're so right about knowing when to do it. My kids only use them at bedtimes and naps and I intend to keep it that way until they show signs of not needing/wanting them. That's awesome for you guys!

Deanna said...

That's great! We've got to start this transition soon too. My mom carries the girls' pacis in her pockets during the day, and they know to go over there and reach in to find them! It's kind of cute, but it's time to start weaning them off too.

Cuz I'm the mama! said...

That is great! I actually wish my girls would have taken them. They are SO CRANKY at night.... I call it the witching hours....that I wish they had a soother. But - I know that it can be hard to take them away, too. Sounds like it's going great for you guys! Way to go!

Shell said...

I'm going through this with my youngest right now.

Those pacifiers are a blessing and a curse!

B said...

Haha my niece LOVED her paci. But then night my sister didn't give it to her before bed and the next morning she saw one and picked it up and my sister said "you don't need that! You're a big girl!" and she set it down and hasn't spoken of it since.

Nicki11802 said...

Our sone just turned 18 months and we've been doing the same thing over the last few months. Works awesome for us! It stays in is room. Good Job!

Meant to be a mom said...

Yay boys! That's great. How nice that they are dealing with not using them during the day much at all.
I think bedtime is ok for a while. Then you can reason with them a little bit more when they are just a little older and they can let go completely :)

Mitzi G. said...

I am so happy that they are doign so well without it; we were thinking about trying to start only using it at nap & bedtime but then he got sick & ADDICTED to the darn thing so I think we are going to hold off a bit longer!!