Monday, August 9, 2010

Grocery Shopping Adventure

Since I don't take my camera with me to grocery store, you will be graced with my drawings.
No need to thank me.

I took the boys to the grocery store on Friday afternoon. I thought that I was taking them during a non-busy time, but I was dead wrong. It was packed. I wasn't about to put the boys back into the truck and head home, so I put them into the cart with the little cozy coupe attached, strapped them in & proceeded with our grocery shopping.

Shoppers would stop us & say how handsome & well-behaved they were. They were being so good and I was proud.

When it came time to check out, there were 3 lanes open and they were four-people deep. We had a bit of waiting to do. I was able to keep the boys occupied during the first 5 minutes of the wait, but as time went on, they wanted out of the car.
We move forward in line (why is it taking so damn long?!) and I immediately realize that I'm in a bit of trouble.

The boys are in the car & I am behind the cart. As we pull into the aisle, the cart (and the boys)are wedged between the check-out & the candy display. Nolan was the lucky little guy who had access to the candy. Since the woman in line behind me had her cart practically on my heels, I had very little wiggle room.

I never give him candy bars or gum (obviously), but he was pulling it off the racks by the fist-full. I couldn't pull the cart forward & I couldn't back it out. I was wedged there trying my hardest to get him to pay attention to me & not the candy.

I wasn't able to get to the kids and the candy until after I pulled out of the narrow lane.

We left with the store with a few extra "groceries" that day. The next time I go grocery shopping, unless I am with my husband, we're foregoing the cozy coupe cart & opting for a regular cart.


Gina said...

LOL - those things are a blessing and a curse!

kristi said...

That is the reason they put all that crap at the front, isn't it crazy?

Katie Jo said...

Those pictures are hilarious!!!

Pyjammy Pam said...

hee hee! yeah, i've been there! love the drawings. :D

ashley said...

I'm cracking up over your drawings. You are hilarious!

Sulli said...

This literally made my Monday morning a little bit better. Your drawings were so perfect and hillarious! Thank you for this post, I needed it!

The Scott's said...

ha, that's so funny. i haven't had that happen with my little ones yet, but i'm sure it's bound to!

Erin said...

Ugh, the same thing has definitely happened to me. And the candy starts flying, the boys are hoarding it in the bottom of their little "car," and they just seem to KNOW that I can't get to them to stop them! Definitely have to find the candy-free checkout aisle!

The Wilson's said...

priceless! your drawings totally make the story:)

Amanda said...

These drawings are priceless!!!!!!

And, I hate grocery shopping with the kids. I really just avoid. We call it "trolling" when they grab stuff.